What are Europe's top mobile startups

6 top FinTech startups in Europe

Europe's current financial technology sector has an exciting mix of startups offering solutions for investing, forex trading, money transfer and various other areas. More and more customers are turning to fintech companies because they offer cheaper, faster and more convenient services compared to traditional financial institutions.

Below is a list of Europe's leading tech companies making waves in the financial space:


Refinitiv is a London-based company providing financial market information and trading infrastructure to traders worldwide. It provides access to high-volume markets with hundreds of currency pairs as well as trading information to help users make informed trading decisions. With its various trading opportunities and its dynamic electronic workflow investors can trade faster and more securely.

The various trading routes also allow traders to use their preferred trading strategies, including scalping and day trading. The platform enables users to conduct their trading transactions through a single solution, regardless of whether they are trading precious metals, DAX 30, commodities, currencies, futures, etc. In addition, the cloud-based platform enables access to your trading platform from any device.

The company offers seamless handling of the entire trading process - from processing to confirmations to billing. The users can also access their trade history reports, which gives them crucial insight into their future trades.


Curve is an app that brings together all of your money accounts and cards in a single platform, allowing you to make transactions and withdrawals with a single card. With the Curve card, users no longer need a wallet as they have all of their finances at hand. Since its introduction in 2018 Over 500,000 customers have already opted for the chip card.

The app also lets you know how much you are spending which will help you manage your budget. Users can also receive cash back rewards from retailers. With the Curve card, users can spend their money abroad without any exchange fees.

Funding Circle

Funding Circle is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending marketplace that makes it easier for companies to access finance and provides investors with a good return on investment. On this platform, lenders can choose which companies their money will be invested in, or their money can be automatically invested in 100 companies after lending £ 2,000 to reach the required £ 20 per company.

The company was the first in the UK to use the P2P model to finance small and medium-sized businesses. Currently, companies in the UK can borrow up to £ 1,000,000, in the US up to $ 500,000 and in the Netherlands and Germany up to € 250,000 for 60 months.


Spain-based Goin enables users to save and invest even if they have no prior investment experience. The award-winning company offers a user-friendly interface and extremely simple system that assesses a user's profile and financial habits. It does this through a combination of questions, according to which it provides the user with automatic models for saving.

Once you've saved enough money, the platform offers a variety of investment opportunities, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, and bonds.

Block bonds

Headquartered in Norway, this company aims to create a world where everyone has access to banking services. Blockbonds offers a payment system that provides users with a simple platform on which to view all of their savings, transactions and investments. With the SPENN product line, users can also get access to services such as spending and savings accounts. Real-time transfers are also supported.

The SPENN platform is designed as a pan-global solution and is accessed through an easy-to-use mobile application that offers the capabilities and security that traditional banks offer. In addition, the platform is completely free to install for anyone around the world.


WorldRemit is a model, which allows users to transfer money online to recipients abroad. The company's current focus is on migrant groups from Africa and Asia, two regions where mobile wallets are very popular. Recipients can access the funds through a bank deposit, physical cash pickup, mobile money, and mobile talk time recharge.

The platform offers fair exchange rates in real time for funds sent abroad. All currency rates are adjusted daily to reflect current market exchange rates and are often better than the rates offered by traditional banks. Users can compare the company's rates with those of the local bank so they can make an informed decision for each payment.

The UK based company is accredited by government regulators around the world, ensuring that operations are of the highest quality standards and that there is no risk of fraud.


By Eva Siefeldt

For almost twenty years in the "wilderness", Eva Siefeldt founded a registered cooperative for business start-ups in 2004 and an academy for the training of social media entrepreneurs in 2011. For a long time she was a lecturer and trainer for marketing, communication and social media. Today she works as a coach for people in professional change. Your strength is to accept current situations, to recognize visions and to develop strategies together with your clients, which also prove themselves in practice. Mobile: 0176 80528749 - Email: [email protected]