What are some beginners' NLP applications

NLP for beginners

Are you interested in NLP? Are you striving for success? Would you like to "program" yourself for success? Do you want to know how you can influence other people?

Then listen to this guide. Because then NLP is just right for you. NLP stands for Neurolinguistic Programming, which sounds pretty scientific but can also be learned by you without any problems. Because behind NLP there are numerous communication techniques as well as manipulation techniques that will help you to be successful. Psychological aspects and hypnosis are also used in NLP. But with these methods you can not only influence your own subconscious in an extremely positive way, but also influence other people in a targeted manner. Which of the different methods and techniques you use is entirely up to you. After just a few exercises you will see how you can become more successful and happier in many areas thanks to NLP and how you can build a bond with others in order to then take over the "leadership" and exert influence. You will quickly see how easily other people can be manipulated. However, these findings will also help you to recognize the manipulation by others in advance. Program yourself for success! Use NLP to achieve your goals! This audiobook is perfect for you if you:

  • effectively achieve your goals and strive for a life of maximum success and happiness
  • want to get the most out of neurolinguistic programming
  • Want to learn NLP methods and communication techniques
  • Want to learn manipulation techniques in order to influence other people in a targeted manner

This audio book provides full details on NLP. Among other things, you will find answers to questions such as:

  • What is neurolinguistic programming?
  • What are the advantages of NLP? What are the prejudices?
  • Which areas of application are there?
  • How do you communicate with NLP?
  • Which NLP techniques and strategies are there?
  • What is anchoring?
  • What is meant by the technical report?
  • How do you recognize a trance?
  • How do you use hypnosis for NLP?

What manipulation techniques are there? How can you learn to live responsibly with NLP?

And much more ...

This guide is based on scientifically sound knowledge and proven psychology. Both beginners and advanced learners can benefit from this book and the tips and tricks it contains from the experts and guide themselves and others in a positive direction or influence people through manipulation and targeted communication. With a click on "BUY NOW" you can lay the foundation for a much better life today and immerse yourself deep in your subconscious!

You can find a PDF file with additional material for this listening experience in your Audible library.