Where was the house of Jesus

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Houses were mostly one story at the time of the New Testament. Only in the cities were the houses often built on two floors. The houses were close together so that the quarters formed a veritable maze of rooms and courtyards. The simple houses consisted of a single room with a courtyard. The so-called "four-room houses" were widespread. Their central "room" was usually an inner courtyard through which one could enter the other rooms. The side rooms extending from it could also be divided into two parts or separated by columns.

The walls of private houses were usually built of rough stones and adobe bricks. The flat roofs consisted of beams covered with branches and a thick layer of clay. The roof could be reached by a staircase, which was sometimes also on the outside of the house (cf. Mark 2: 1-12). The light in the rooms came mainly through the open door. There were only a few windows and they were as small as possible in order to keep the temperature in the house constant. Life took place - except in bad weather - in the courtyard and on the flat roof. Here people cooked and ate, spread out grain or fruit to dry and did other housework. In the summer you even slept here.

The furnishings in the house depended on the wealth of the residents. The poor had only kitchen equipment and bedding. Furniture was typically furnished with a bed, table, chair and candlestick (cf. 2 Kings 4: 10-11). The rich slept in a bed, the poorest on the floor on a reed mat. Clothes and bedding were kept in chests.

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