How do I live holistically

What is healing Is it more than symptom relief?

How can we understand and trust the self-healing process?

These important questions are at the center of the work of therapists, trainers and all people who want holistic healing, better health and a further development of their personality.

What is healing and when do we heal?

Are you clear about what healing is and how far it actually goes? How do you think healing is happening?

We read:

"As cure is the term used to describe the biological process of regression of a disease or a pathological tissue change in the direction of the healthy initial state. When the healing process is complete, one speaks of Healing." (Source)

So in some cases we accept healing as a natural and inevitable process that we consider trustworthy.

In this way, we allow wounds and fractures to heal without interfering too much.

Sometimes this trust in the body's healing mechanisms is extended to other conditions, such as insect bites, skin conditions, viral or bacterial infections, or back pain.

We accept the healing process and give the body time to rebalance and recover.

For most health problems, however, including heart problems, endocrine disorders, diabetes and other chronic diseases, the name we put on symptoms changes from one cure to another.

The phase that we called the healing phase in wounds is now called disease.

We now see the body as faulty and incapable of healing itself.

Instead of supporting self-healing as a matter of course, most people try to suppress, minimize or change the unwanted symptoms.

META-Health offers you a new perspective on the healing process, one that is far more integrative and accepts our natural healing mechanisms.

By creating an understanding of stress and regeneration, understanding the meaning of the symptoms, accompanying our healing with confidence and recognizing how all this relates to ourselves and our belief systems,

we can begin to see the bigger picture of our personal growth and truly allow healing.

How can you allow healing?

Five inevitable steps to your personal healing


Free yourself from the stress trap.

Stress comes into our lives in so many different ways, through our work, relationships, environment, diet, and pace of life, to name a few.

An additional problem is that we get used to being in a chronically stressed state.

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When we are under stress, we have a lot of energy, we do a lot, and we rarely get sick. This is how stress can actually feel good.

We don't really realize the toll it takes on our bodies to keep running at full speed. Until it becomes too much for him.

Eventually we break down because our body has to rebalance.

We are experiencing the symptoms of this balance and need to take time out to heal.

It is then easy to hold the body responsible for failing us.

But the reality is that the problem is not our weak body, but the previous stress that we have placed ourselves under.


We can take steps to change this pattern by becoming aware of what is bothering us and which beliefs, often deeply hidden, make life difficult for us.

Once we are aware of our main stressors, we can address them in three ways:

  1. Make real life changes to relieve your stress.
    For example, you can delegate more often, take more time for yourself, and interact differently with people you struggle with.
  2. Address the underlying causes. Change the thought patterns and beliefs that cause you to constantly react to stress triggers.

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  3. Take the time to detox, relax, and actually relieve stress.
    There are many therapeutic and self-help methods available for reducing stress. Popular methods include meditation, yoga, breath work, mindfulness, EFT, and just taking a break or an excursion into nature.

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When we let go of our stressors, the body can enter the regeneration and balance phase.

In this phase, many of the symptoms that we have previously referred to as illness appear.

Of course, this is exactly why we often get sick on vacation, after we have come to mental and physical relaxation.

So the next step is to accept and allow symptoms. This requires conscious decisions and equally important trust


Trust your body.

In almost all cultures and also in naturopathy or alternative health approaches, symptoms are viewed as faults in the body, as a sign that something has gone wrong.

META-Health shows that the opposite is the case:

Symptoms are actually part of a biologically significant reaction on certain stressors.

Far from being accidental or false, our symptoms are highly specialized biological coping mechanisms.

For example, the epidermis (the outer skin) reacts when we feel disconnected from loved ones, while the dermis (the deeper inner skin) reacts when we are attacked.

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This is due to the biological functions of these organs: the outer skin is a sensory organ that allows us to feel our connection with others in our environment, while the inner skin is a protective layer.

This means that the symptoms we experience are never random but are closely related to our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and responses to our life experiences.

META-Health enables us to understand and precisely uncover this biological meaning, Why we have symptoms if we have them.

And this goes a long way towards reducing our fear of them.



Understand the healing cycle

META-Health also explains where certain symptoms occur within the healing cycle. Some symptoms appear during the stressful phase, when we are under pressure and emotional distress.

Many symptoms occur during the regeneration phase, when we have let go of the body mentally and emotionally as part of the process of equalization.

As a META-Health Coach, I am trained to determine which phase your symptoms are in and why.

We discover why the symptom is present, what events led to it, and sometimes even how long it will last.

This understanding often helps us to let go of the struggle against ourselves and to accept the healing process.

It is especially important to take time to rest during the regeneration phase. And at the same time, however, it is one of the things that we most resist.

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Many of us believe that it is bad to allow yourself enough rest and relaxation or that other things are more important.

Trying to keep going when the body is just trying to rest and heal is actually counterproductive.

The more we try to block it, the longer it will take for the healing cycle to complete.


Support self-healing.

There is a difference between cure and Treatment.

While the treatment comes from outside, the healing comes from within. This means that all healing is self healing.

This perspective gives you back your responsibility and power.

Therefore, carefully choose the measures and therapeutic treatments that support your very individual self-healing process.

Also learn to recognize the measures and situations that hinder regeneration by putting us back into stress.



Holistic healing.

Most of the time, doctors and other therapists focus on eliminating symptoms.

You, on the other hand, should focus on your Restore health.

Healing is always your very own journey to become whole again.

Holistic healing is an emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and social journey.

If we can allow and support that healing takes place on all these levels, this not only helps us to solve problems, but also to bring us closer to our true selves and our highest potential.

We become happier, more peaceful, and more accepting of ourselves.

Be good to yourself and learn to trust your body and its self-healing powers again.

If you want to understand your own clinical pictures as well as symptoms and their psychosomatic backgrounds, astrological medicine can give you valuable support.

Because every symptom, be it a stye, a cold or any other sign, tells a large part of your life story or your horoscope.

A physical symptom only appears if an underlying emotional or mental problem has not been resolved.

It is often difficult for ourselves to really recognize and admit to ourselves where we have emotional injuries and pains that can ultimately show up on the physical level.

Here your health horoscope can give you deep insights into yourself and your strengths and weaknesses in psychological, emotional and physical terms.

You can now order your own personal health horoscope directly from me.


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