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S2E2: Ageism

On January 12, 2021, Laura N. Junghanns discussed online with the journalist Tanja Mokosch (including taz, Fluter) and Ilia Papatheodorou from the performance collective SheShePop about women in high and popular culture, hags, cougars, youth madness, wrinkles and menopause.

Women and Age - a Contradiction? Women are not only fundamentally less present in the media - women who seem to have passed a seemingly magical age limit anyway: They disappear from the cinema, advertising, television and the public or only appear in certain role models. An older man who is with a younger woman: normal - an older woman who is in a relationship with a younger man: scandal! What makes the narrative of young people so decisive for the public perception of women and how can it be countered - real and media?

About the guests

  • SheShePop is a mostly female performance collective from Berlin. In their work, they often address current social and political issues, for which they also refer to their own biographies. SheShePop has been invited to numerous national and international festivals and is one of the most famous independent theater collectives in German-speaking countries. In autumn 2020 they worked on the evening “Hexploitation”, in which they dealt with the fear of the Hag, the old woman and the witch. Of course, the performers use their own aging bodies for this. With them they fight against the disappearance and the loss of meaning that women suffer as social subjects beyond childbearing potential.
  • Tanja Mokosch is a freelance journalist specializing in society, digital and feminism. She writes regularly for the Fluter, the magazine of the Federal Agency for Political Education, dummy as well as for the taz, and

Access: The event is free of charge and is streamed live on, viewers can ask questions via chat.

Curatorial Director: Laura N. Junghanns, Dirk Baumann
Moderation: Laura N. Junghanns
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Scientific Advice: Lynn Berg, Bettina Long

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