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Hebrew in self-study

Hebrew in self-study
New textbook from Rabbi Yaacov Zinvirt

Hebrew is spoken by over seven million people worldwide. How many there are in this country is not known. Rabbi Yaacov Zinvirt knows from his work - not only as a community rabbi in Duisburg - that there could be more. "During barmizvah classes in particular, I noticed that many children had no knowledge of Hebrew at all from their families, school, or the community," he says. He has therefore thought about the quickest way to teach them the basics and structure of the foreign language so that they can read from the Torah. The result is the »audiovisual learning program«. A CD is in the works, now the book Learning to Read and Understand Hebrew has been published.
Rabbi Zinvirt combines special educational approaches with his new textbook. Because, in his experience, it is often like this: After two or three lessons, the children lose interest in the face of the unknown letters, the spelling from right to left that takes getting used to, and not least because of the unfamiliar pronunciation. “So I developed a program with which you can form your own sentences with just a few letters in the second chapter of the book. This always enables new experiences of achievement that play a major role in learning. "
The learning content is structured like building blocks, every word in the book has a graphic, the images are recognized and sentences can be formed. The book also offers phonetic transcriptions and translations. And in the appendix it has a word index. With the solutions to the tasks and grammatical notes contained in the book, the student can learn the language without a teacher. According to Rabbi Zinvirt, the book is suitable for all age groups.
Yaacov Zinvirt, born in 1962, is an Orthodox rabbi and religion teacher. He has already worked at various schools and was a lecturer at the University of Potsdam. He is now in office in the Duisburg – Mülheim / Ruhr – Oberhausen Jewish community and is responsible for around 3,000 members. His book Tor zum Talmud, also in the series »Jewish Teaching House - Living Judaism«, was recently published by Lit Verlag in Berlin.
The Orthodox Rabbinical Conference Germany (ORD) supports the learning program. "By handing on the language and keeping it alive, the soul and unity of the Jewish people can be preserved," says a foreword by the ORD board. Detlef David Kauschke

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