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naturopathy & medicine

Detox cures

... are very much in fashion. To purify body and soul

but you don't need lifestyle products.

How you can naturally give your organism a

Provide respite.


Nature & Environment

The small outdoor pharmacy

... you can now download it to your mobile phone. So

you have the useful helper for leisure, sport

and travel with you when every gram is saved

must become. With quizzes and great prizes!


Body Soul

On the value of slowness

The daily rush, unhealthy fast food, inhospitable

Cities without quality of life and fast

Consumption of energy and living space want

oppose the «slow» movements.


joie de vivre & wellness

Rose stories 22

The medicinal plant of the year 2013 in

Garden, kitchen and cosmetics.

nature & environment

Fragrances of nature 26

A stroll full of surprises

- for the nose.


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March 2013

Health news

Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus): Spring tired



Smoking heads

Dear readers

Once again we have everything for the health of our readers

done. We gave them sleepless nights, dizziness and fevers

caused, caused smoking or broken heads and even addictive symptoms

triggered. Finger cramps, sleepwalking, and red eyes

are still among the most harmless symptoms that occurred.

To blame for everything: the omega fatty acids in our big winter puzzle too

new word formations should be "processed".

For Annemarie Vogt, “the carousel of letters turned non-stop, even in the

Night." Eva Grimm also got up in the middle of the night to find new words

to write down. "You get really addicted," said Sonja Ritter and Daniela

Zurkinden could "almost not stop." «For days I was in a fever

and had parked pad and clerk in different places, not a word

to miss », wrote Erika Werndli to us. «The hardest part was working on

Computer », thought Marcel Hayoz, who otherwise prefers to work with a brush or chisel.

Nevertheless, the 84-year-old went to work, as did Hans Baer, ​​his

Re-activated laptop especially for our riddle.

Sometimes whole families were affected: Claudia Markwalder got together

with her son Yanis to search for words, one of the «victims of addiction»

the Gockenbach family, who would have participated even if there was nothing to do

win, Heidi Glitsch infected her daughter-in-law with her zeal,

13-year-old Samuel puzzled together with his mother.

Now someone says that omega-3 fatty acids are not good for the brain: “the brain cells

activated and creativity challenged »felt Peter Alge. «That was a real one

Brain jogging, "said Ruth Hasenkamp, ​​and" a fine exercise for our heads "

experienced Theo and Elsi Fuchs. It was probably also a pleasure: “Extraordinary

Hansjörg Allemann, like many other readers, and Elfie had fun »

La Chiusa was delighted with the “great pastime” and found that “this species

The puzzle stands out from the crowd. "

We look forward to it. The winners of the raffle can be found on page 30.

Stay healthy!

Sincerely yours

Claudia Rawer

[email protected]

Health news

P.O. Box 63

CH-9053 Teufen


[email protected]



March 2013

Health news


Facts & Tips


More tenors in town

Many birds sing in the city

a higher pitch than it is

normally would do. A

Comparison of Viennese blackbirds with

Conspecifics from the Vienna Woods

shows: This is just a side effect.

The city offers wildlife

quite advantages, for example

a higher food supply.

For this they take numerous

unfavorable conditions in purchase

and develop strategies to

to cope with these.

This is how robins sing up to in

into the night because it is after

Rush hour traffic is quieter again

becomes. Lots of songbirds, including

also the blackbird, also warble in

higher pitches.

Until now it was thought they did

from the humming street noise

take off better. How

the Austrian biologist Erwin

Nemeth in the journal Proceedings

of the Royal Society B »

reported that is not entirely true.

The birds are evidently above all

interested in their volume

to increase. The change in

Tone should be more of a consequence

be its. Higher notes in the vocal repertoire

of blackbirds are

namely automatically louder.

science.ORF / APA

Book tip

«Cures for body and soul. Care for organs with medicinal plants »

Staying healthy and fit is important! Ursel Bühring,

Founder of the renowned Freiburg School of Medicinal Plants,

has developed a special concept for this:

the «cures for body and soul», an uncomplicated one

Method by which one month after month

can whip up one's innermost being. If this

Heart and circulation, the stomach, the skin or the

Lungs - the author presents a different one every month

Focus on organ and reveals how to do this

can strengthen with the right medicinal plant.

There is the right treatment for every type:

Mini cures for those in a hurry, intensive cures for

Thorough and tasty cures for

Connoisseur. And of course work

all cures also separately, if you can

would like to dedicate it to an organ first.

Now stand in spring, for example

Cures for the liver and gall bladder, the stomach

and the intestines on the program and

Milk thistle, turmeric, wild garlic, liquorice

and focus on ginger. Ursel Bühring is always there

Tips on buying herbs can also be found in the

Service part a list with further sources of supply.

A collective calendar shows those who have plants

like to collect and prepare them yourself, where you can get them

Plant and when to harvest it

should so that the cure program can start successfully

can. An excellent and beautifully presented

Book for all seasons.

Ursel Bühring, «Cures for body and soul -

Care for organs with medicinal plants ”, 192 p., 110

Color photos, bound, publishing company Eugen Ulmer 2012

ISBN 978-3-8001-7672-4

CHF 35.50 / Euro 24.90

You can get this book from us by phone,

by e-mail or by order form p. 43/44

to order.

Telephone in Switzerland: 071 335 66 66,

Telephone in Germany: 07121 960 80.

Health News March 2013

Facts & Tips


pollen allergy

Mother exposed to pollen, asthmatic children

Is the mother's organism

during the last trimester of pregnancy

strong from pollen

burdened, can do that for that too

Child be dangerous. According to

Swedish study need babies,

whose mothers in the last

twelve weeks with allergens too

had to fight by a third

more often because of asthma in the

Emergency room.

Scientists from Umea University

analyzed in Sweden

in their investigation data from

110 381 Stockholm children who

between January 1st, 1989

and the first of October 1996 in

born in the Swedish capital

were. These were the

Data from hospital admissions

in the first year of life as well as the

Information on pollen count

in Stockholm during the observation period


The result: Overall, had to

940 of the babies within the first

twelve months because of asthma ins

To be admitted to the hospital. Under

those children who are the last

twelve weeks of pregnancy

under high pollen load

had been in the womb

Book tip for pollen allergy sufferers

was compared to the average

the frequency of emergency admissions

35 percent higher than for

the rest.


Tip: You can find a pollen calendar

on the website www.avogel.ch

The pollen season has started. We would like to address our readers

remember a useful guide that we still have in stock: «Super

Tips for pollen allergy »by Dr. Bernd Wollmann and Dr. Anja Stamm. The

both medical professionals and TCM specialists have in the handy booklet

many good tips from many years of practical experience to keep the

Immune system and the lungs. They bid for both

Medicinal herbs that can be used by everyone for both the pre-pollen season and the main pollen season,

Remedies and nutrition tips from the

Chinese and Western medicine.

GN readers can order the book (64 pages) via:

Tel. +41 91 649 8330 or email: [email protected]

Switzerland: CHF 6.50 instead of 12.90 plus CHF 2.60 postage,

Germany: EUR 4.90 instead of 9.90 plus EUR 4.10 postage.

Only while supplies last!

March 2013

Health news




More women affected than previously thought

There are around 150,000 in Switzerland

People affected by sleep apnea,

around 800,000 in Germany.

The disease with the symptoms

Snoring, breathing pauses and

Daytime sleepiness still applies

mainly as a male problem,

as they are supposed to be in women

occurs less often and little

is explored.

Recently, however, in expert circles

intense over

Sleep apnea discussed in women.

Various studies have shown

that a lot more women

suffer from sleep apnea than before

accepted. The disease will

but often not recognized by them

and accordingly not treated.

About a third of that of

Sleep apnea sufferers are after

the new data women. In the

Switzerland is the share of diagnoses

but only for women

13 percent.

The reason: women show more often

atypical and less obvious

Symptoms. Step with them

for sleep apnea, for example

Insomnia, restless legs,

morning headache and


An untreated sleep apnea

Syndrome can increase life expectancy

decrease by years. Untreated

severe sleep apnea

can also be used by women with a

increased risk of heart attack.

Those affected should therefore have problems sleeping through the night,

Daytime sleepiness

or breathing stops at night

See a doctor as soon as possible.

Getting information can be an easy one

Test on www.lungenliga.ch

or www.gsdschlafapnoe.de.



Hazardous ingredients

The German Federal Institute for

Risk assessment recommends consumers

Cosmetics with the

Avoid substance triclosan. The

antibacterial agent is under

in soaps, toothpaste,

Deodorants and creams. Well show

new attempts by US researchers,

that triclosan does the function of

Can affect muscles. Around

Recognize products with triclosan

you can use the app on the

Mobile phone or on the website

the independent Swiss

Www.codecheck.info platform

check if they are the sensitive stuff



Health News March 2013




Sage also helps men

That real sage hot flashes

in menopausal women

attenuates, is known (see also GN

10/2012). But men can too

affected by hot flashes

if, for example, as a result of a

Prostate cancer treatment with antiandrogens

were treated.

These substances inhibit the masculine

Sex hormone testosterone.

Between 50 and 90 percent of the

treated men suffer from

such hot flashes.

University hospital researchers

in Ghent (Belgium) could now

show that the men from

Benefit from the extract of Salvia officinalis.

After administration of the

Took extract in tablet form

the frequency of hot flashes

significant within three weeks

off and stayed for the rest of the

Treatment at a low level.



You eat more with fructose

Fructose is considered healthy and natural

- This simple sugar is after all

especially in fruits like apples

and pears, but also in honey


But the supposedly so healthy one

Sweetness has a downside: you

triggers hunger for more instead of full

close. The reason for this: ours

Although the brain reacts to glucose,

but not the fructose. The

now has a study American

Researchers shown. Although

we with the consumption of fructose

plenty of energy to us

take remains our appetite center

unchanged active. The consequence

is that we just keep eating.

Lots of food producers

meanwhile also sweeten their products

with (cheap) fructose

instead of table sugar. The

explains why the inclusion of

Fructose in industrialized countries

has increased significantly. A

causal relationship to the

increased number of overweight people

is therefore likely.


March 2013


Naturopathy & medicine

Detox cures

Detoxing, the one from Hollywood

popular buzzword,

means detox, and detox

Cures are in vogue everywhere.

Ingrid Zehnder

Stars like Anne Hathaway, Sienna Miller and Gwyneth

Paltrow supposedly prescribes himself regularly

Detox cures. Spas and hotels compete for guests

special, luxurious detox treatments. Companies

offer detox products: from detox tablets,

detoxifying creams, masks and foot baths up to

with teas («Detox Infusion»).

Happy in Munich, Berlin, Paris, Dubai and Zurich

a delivery service with detoxifying agents previously ordered “online”

Juices and Menus ». In Los Angeles there is

a stylish “Detox Market” that sells cleaning products

for the household, nail polishes, hair care products,

Selling perfumes and chocolate, everything

under the motto "natural, free of harmful substances"

- in short: detoxing.

Shampoos that stimulate the body are also flourishing elsewhere

should detoxify, clarifying shower gel, detoxification plaster,

that you glue under the soles of your feet, or

detoxifying mineral water. However have

independent British scientists numerous

Detox products under the microscope and

all of them classified as “absolutely ineffective”.

The desire for inner spring cleaning

Many people like the thought of an inner one

Clearing out, a thorough cleansing of the inside of the body

to be able to make.

This is why the detox wave has become widespread.

In harmony with many natural healing therapists

say the proponents of detox cures, man

could detoxify the body, the consequences worse

Eliminate nutrition and harmful environmental influences

Health News March 2013

Naturopathy & medicine


date. With more or less long, more or

less radical cures should throw off old baggage

to come to terms with yourself.

But it's not that easy.

Fasting and Detoxing

The doctor and inventor of therapeutic fasting, Dr. Otto Buchinger

(1878-1966), was the first to use the term

Purification based on cleansing

of combustion residues in blast furnaces or

Fire boilers used by steam locomotives.

What exactly is meant by that, of which substances

the body being cleansed is never precisely defined

been. «Today we know that it ... only to a limited extent

is possible to discharge harmful substances », so the

Medical Association for Therapeutic Fasting and Nutrition e.V.

in a recent statement.

When fasting, a distinction is made between therapeutic

Fasting in a clinic (e.g. for obesity, rheumatic

and allergic diseases) and that

one-week fast for healthy people. Ultimately, both should

lead to a healthier way of life.

Most detox regimens aren't fasts:

You are not primarily interested in burning fat,

colon cleansing is not mandatory

necessary and on solid food does not have to be entirely

be waived. However, both have one thing in common

(temporarily) renouncing luxury foods.

What detoxifies during fasting, should during detoxing

be the detox. It is postulated, man

treat the organism to «a deep cleansing ...

of toxic substances »from the environment, food

and luxury foods such as heavy metals, pesticides,

Nicotine, alcohol, flavor enhancers, color and


Is Detox Really Possible?

In conventional medicine, the term describes detoxification

the weaning of drug and pill addicts

of their addiction. Understand in alternative medicine

one including the cleansing of body toxins. A

The most well-known measure is colon cleansing

by douching or laxatives

- the purification and detoxification therapy par

excellence. Some colon cleansing providers

paint a gloomy picture of our body's interior. There

there is talk of a “completely polluted one

Organism "and by the kilo" of waste that is in the intestine

rotted for weeks, months or even years ».

It is logical that there is trust in the Creator

or nature can lose and the «oil change»

in the truest sense of the word.

The organs of detoxification do this in healthy people

our body like liver, kidneys,

Intestines, lungs, skin and also the lymphatic system unite

optimal job. Edzard Ernst, Professor of Complementary Medicine

at Exeter University, says:

«Improvements are not necessary and can be made by

Detox therapies also cannot be done »because

the various organs function extremely well

effective - unless someone is seriously ill.

Prof. Colin Berry, pathologist at the University of London,

sums up the result of the aforementioned

Detox products investigation of the nonprofit

"Sense about Science" foundation as follows:

«It's very easy to detox: just leave

Your body will use the great systems that it

Over thousands of years it has evolved to be anything

get rid of what makes you sick. "

False hope

It becomes dangerous when one believes the sins

a year or a festive glitz with help

to be able to wipe away a detox treatment. Prof.

Ernst says that detoxification concepts could lead to

to happily fill your stomach full, to

smoking and drinking alcohol, that is, one's own

"System" to burden with toxins, and through

the use of this or that detox regimen

to be able to rectify everything afterwards.

The hard (and wrong) variant

Detox cures can be very different. The

Gazettes report, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Demi

Moore, Denzel Washington and Beyoncé practiced

«Lemon Detox» (also called Master Cleanse),

what this "detox and fat burning diet"

earned a lot of attention and popularity.

You are not allowed to eat anything for 7 to 10 days

should be 6 to 8 glasses distributed throughout the day or

drink cold lemon juice. The lemon water is pepped up

with maple syrup and a knife point

Cayenne powder. If you are hungry, you are only allowed to

Take water.

March 2013

Health news


Naturopathy & medicine

If you feel drained and tired, the complexion is pale and dull, unwanted love handles have spread -

then a spring cure that deviates from the usual lifestyle and eating habits is good for you.

Although - or precisely because - in the press and the Internet

true miracles about «lemon detox» reported

must be from this extreme fasting method

strongly discouraged. The French

national supervisory authority Anses has them as dangerous

classified, and in Australia "crowned" 50

Nutrition experts «lemon detox» to the wrong

Fashion of the year 2012.

The good detox sites

Don't take the term detox too much

serious, maybe replace it with a break

or recovery phase for the body's own detoxification organs,

Detoxing has been sensible as well

positive aspects.

The most important requirements and basic rules are:


Refrain from coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate,

Snacks, sweets and sweeteners, ready meals,

Meat and sausage, hydrogenated fats, milk and cheese.


Drink plenty of water, herbal teas and fresh fruit juices,

if possible, two to two and a half liters per day.


Eat sparingly, prefer fruits and vegetables,

that of course only excludes

should be organic.


Exercise and adequate sleep are essential.


Eating disorders should not do a detox cure,

Pregnant and breastfeeding women, chronically ill only

after consultation with the doctor.

How to cure properly

The goal isn't to lose weight - though ever

one or the other gram or

Pounds can fall by the wayside - no, in the first place

First and foremost, it is important to give the organism a respite

procure. Avoid all factors such as stress,

Health News March 2013

Naturopathy & medicine


bad eating habits and lack of

Exercise that puts a strain on your metabolism

Promote and ultimately weaken it

the immune system. The optimal duration of the cure

should be between five and fifteen days,

but do already two days on the weekend

or a weekly discharge day over a

good for a long time.

Three meals a day are allowed. The dishes exist

mainly from organic raw food.

Tomorrow is called the day on which the

most fasts begin.

Gustav Knuth

Drink, drink, drink

Anyone who drinks a lot of water is basically up to it

right way. Because water helps the kidneys remove toxins

to wash out of the body.

You should start the day with a glass of water

with Molkosan ® or Molkosan ® Flora Balance

- both made from fresh whey - or with

a glass of warm lemon water. Throughout the day

one stays distributed with (still) water and with

unsweetened teas (e.g. ginger, dandelion, nettle,

green tea, mate).


Ginger tea warms, stimulates digestion and the

Metabolism. Better to drink in the morning than in the evening,

because it is considered very invigorating.

Dandelion has a slightly diuretic and laxative effect,

its bitter substances promote bile production.

Preparation: 1 teaspoon finely chopped dandelion leaves

Briefly boil with 1 cup of water and cook for 15 min.

to let go. No more than two cups a day.

The nettle (Urtica dioica) is mainly because of

valued for their diuretic, cleansing properties.

Two unsweetened cups a day.

With green tea, look for a low-caffeine one

Variety and organic quality, otherwise it can contain harmful substances

contain. It is generally considered to be beneficial to health.

Its ingredients act as radical scavengers,

antimicrobial and supportive of

Detoxification. Do not brew with boiling water,

otherwise it tastes bitter.

Mate tea is traditionally considered to be performance-enhancing and

starving. The caffeine in mate is special

mild and has more of a stimulating than exciting effect. With

Brewed in moderately hot water, it tastes good

less bitter. You can also get it on the Brazilian

Enjoy the way: chilled with lime juice.

Eating with pleasure

If you drink by the liter, it contributes to the body

To assist in detoxification, one should think about that

Do not push food after pollutants again.

So you do without everything that is color and

Flavorings, preservatives or traces

of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides contains.

Cure with organic fruits and vegetables.

Creamy smoothies are filling and a big one

Glass (200 ml) counts as a meal (breakfast).

These nutritious drinks are made from whole,

raw seasonal fruits / vegetables. Only the fruit kernels

and thick shells are made before chopping

removed in a powerful blender.

In contrast to pressed juices, they contain

the whole spectrum of ingredients.

You mix an apple with a little lemon juice

or strawberries and banana or apple, and mango

Orange or cucumber with avocado or red pepper with

Carrot, basil and some tree nuts. As a liquid addition

take water or coconut water.

A soy yogurt is also allowed for a change

Seasonal fruits, some dates, grated

Almonds and pomegranate seeds. For lunch or

Dinner can be mixed

Salads as varied as possible as desired

can be combined: leaf lettuce,

Watercress, spinach leaves,

Beetroot, carrots, avocado,

Sprouts, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes,

Radish, radishes, fennel,

Chicory, mushrooms, celery,

Supply steamed asparagus

with the necessary vitamins and minerals

and trace elements.

It is seasoned with Molkosan ®

(alternatively lemon juice),

a good oil (olive,

Rapeseed oil), herbal salt

Herbamare and - each

March 2013

Health news


Naturopathy & medicine

of your choice or taste - onions, garlic,

Horseradish, fresh seasonal herbs, sunflower

and pine nuts, flax seeds, or sesame seeds

chopped nuts.

Important: Always chew well, every bite 10 to

15 times, because the enzymes from the saliva help

Stomach and intestines.

If you don't want to do without warm meals at all,

is preparing a homemade vegetable soup.

Movement puts you in a good mood

Movement is always, and especially during the

«Detoxification» program, necessary. To stroll,

go hiking or jogging in the fresh air

Do a bike ride, set your home rhythmic

Music on and a brisk sole on the floor,

do gymnastics, pilates, swim

in the thermal bath.

Find wild herbs on one of the outdoor activities,

pick some tender nettles,

Use dandelion or wild garlic leaves

Them for your smoothie and salad.

Oxygen and exercise stimulate the metabolism

and help the body's own detoxification organs.

In addition, exercise stimulates the formation of serotonin,

Endorphins and other hormones that cause the

Affect mood positively, directly or indirectly.

Soothing extras

Terrycloth your skin with a natural loofah

Glove or a dry terry cloth washcloth,

to remove dead skin particles

and the blood flow to the largest detoxification organ,

the skin to crank.

Ginger and sea salt baths are beneficial during the cure

(Recipes GN 12/2012).

Salt socks promote blood circulation and have

Proven for cold feet and for general purposes

Detoxification. One liter of warm water with

Mix 30 to 50 grams of sea salt, cotton socks

dive into the brine, wind out and

wear wet. Put on thicker wool socks

or wrap your feet in a dry towel. At least

Let it work for an hour while lying down. Man

may also keep the salt socks on overnight.

Go to the sauna. Open in the great heat

the pores, the toxins become via the sweat

transported out of the body.

Treat yourself to a visit to the hammam, the oriental one

Steam bath. You sweat there too, you have

but time to slowly get used to the warmth,

and the heat in the herbal steam is more moderate. Recover

Soak yourself in warm water and clean your skin

with the traditional lather peeling.

Waiver makes you feel good

The voluntary restriction on luxury foods and groceries

means being conscious of temptations too

renounce and show strength of will. Who his

consistently persevering in the individual plan wins

new freedom because he proves something to himself and

thinks about important things. Such a break does

not only good for the body, but also gives to the soul

a kind of exhilaration.

March 2013

nature & environment


Herbal Doc

Kräuter-Doc: The app for

Small outdoor pharmacy

No bag in your bike jersey? Every gram when hiking in the mountains

save up? With the “Kräuter-Doc” app you have the “outdoor pharmacy”

even then. And if you take part in the mini-competition, you can

win a dizzying prize.

Tino Richter

We go one step further! According to the e-book

«The little doctor» and the digital edition of the

We present «Health News» to the

«Mobile» readership now also the successful book «Die

Small outdoor pharmacy - first aid with fresh ones

Plants »as an app on the mobile phone.

Find out everything about the healing properties of 45 home

and easily recognizable plants with small injuries

and ailments: the app includes

all the information that you can also find in the book

can. Search by keyword search using the app

after ailments or plants. Both

Areas are linked so that you can

Find what you want in seconds.

This makes the Kräuter-Doc-App the ideal accompaniment

whether mountain climbing, cycling or jogging.

The app also offers you a few more

Additional functions, such as