Where is Confluence installed

Installation of Confluence


You need the Managed Podman product for these instructions


Our managed podman servers enable you to use Docker containers. More information can be found here:

Managed Podman: Docker Container at Profihost


Log in to your managed Podman server via ssh as the podman user:

Cloning the professional host container config repository:

git clone https://github.com/profihost/podman-container-configs.git


This article requires an already set up nginx with auto ssl:

Installation of nginx with automatic SSL certificates (Let's Encrypt)

Installation and setup

Change to the subfolder in the cloned repository confluence pod

Create the confluence pod and the corresponding container by starting the create command and transferring the necessary settings to it:

export CONFLUENCE_DOMAIN = confluence.meinedomain.de


Please replace in the above command "confluence.meinedomain.de"through the desired domain under which Confluence should be accessible. The domain must also already point to the IP of your server. Otherwise it is not possible to automatically issue SSL certificates for these.

Also remember to enter the specified domain under SSL_DOMAINS. The installation instructions can be found under the following link:

Installation of nginx with automatic SSL certificates (Let's Encrypt)

Setting up Confluence


Updated May 5, 2020

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