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Vaccination appointments can be made for more people from the third priority

From May 3rd, people with previous illnesses from the third vaccination priority can register for a vaccination appointment. These include people with treatment-free cancers, HIV, rheumatic diseases and autoimmune diseases, heart diseases, as well as asthma or obesity.

From next Monday, May 3, 2021, Baden-Württemberg will open vaccination appointments for all people with previous illnesses from the third priority (according to Section 4 of the federal corona vaccination ordinance). This includes numerous people with pre-existing conditions, such as treatment-free cancers, HIV, rheumatic diseases and autoimmune diseases, heart diseases, asthma or obesity. As of Monday, up to two contact persons from people who are in need of care due to one of these diseases or who are over 60 years of age are also entitled to be vaccinated. The employees of occupational groups from the third priority have to be patient a little longer. This stage is expected to open around mid-May, depending on the vaccine deliveries.

“The growing amounts of vaccine are making themselves felt, we are making good progress in vaccination. That is why we can now open the vaccinations for the next prioritized level: From Monday onwards, people in Baden-Württemberg with previous illnesses who are entitled to vaccinate in the third priority according to the federal corona vaccination ordinance can make an appointment, "said Health Minister Manne Lucha. A certificate from the attending physician serves as proof of eligibility for vaccination. As before, there will be a template for a corresponding self-certification for the contact persons of people in need of care. This will be put online in good time by Monday.

Another 1.5 million people are eligible for vaccination

With the further opening step, an estimated 1.5 million more people will be eligible for the vaccination. Accordingly, a great demand for the central appointment allocation can be expected again from Monday.

Against the background of the nationwide debates about a swift lifting of the vaccination prioritization, Minister Lucha urges patience: “Every vaccine dose that comes to us is vaccinated quickly. As soon as sufficient vaccine is available, we will no longer need prioritization. But we still don't have enough vaccine to offer everyone a vaccination in a timely manner. That is why in May we will initially continue to concentrate on those particularly in need of protection, who have an increased risk of a serious or fatal course of the disease and who therefore receive preferential vaccination, ”the Minister of Health continued. “If other federal states cancel the prioritization, that does not mean that all authorized persons will get an appointment quickly. Quite simply, many more people apply for the same number of vaccination appointments. That produces frustration and injustice. That is why we only open completely when we can distribute significantly more vaccine. "

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration will join forces with the actors involved in the vaccination campaign to start the next phase of the vaccination campaign as soon as the announced vaccine quantities are available from May / June. The state vaccination summit on April 16 was the prelude to a series of dialogue events. The Ministry of Social Affairs invites the social and welfare associations, the regional seniors' council, the state commissioners for the disabled, self-help initiatives and those affected to represent the interests of particularly vulnerable people to the next digital stakeholder event on May 3rd. Groups whose understandable concerns for a higher priority in the corona vaccination ordinance of the federal government could not be taken into account due to the lack of vaccines are also invited to the dialogue.

“The protection of the particularly vulnerable groups of people continues to have priority in May. We want to jointly discuss how we can continue to specifically advance the vaccinations of the prioritized groups of people and what the plans for the vaccination campaign look like for the next few weeks, ”said Lucha.

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