Why didn't my house sell?

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I don't get my house sold

07.12.2011  23:49
by: Timmey

Hello everybody,

I've been trying to sell my house for 11 months now. According to the appraiser, the purchase price is justified. Had a broker for 6 months without success. Since the brokerage contract ended, I've been trying to sell it myself. Furthermore, I asked about 50 brokers in the area whether they had interested parties in their customer files. 2 brokers have reported. It's on the Internet and often in the print media. Maybe somebody still has a few good ideas what I could do?

Maybe I should say that it is a 2-family house (both apartments rented out well).

08.12.2011  10:29
by: Uwe


here my opinion :)

A rented two-family house is not of interest to many interested parties. The rental income is nice, but in the category it is mostly sought for owner-occupation, so renting is counter-productive.

The purchase price is definitely justified, but there is no buyer - ultimately the price on the market is determined by supply and demand. And that you've been trying to sell the house for 11 months clearly shows that nobody wants to buy it at the price at the moment.

Long story short: Either you can wait and hope that you will find a buyer in the near or indirect future or you go down with the price and hope that someone will then be ready to buy.

I think you can hardly do more than the internet, print media and brokers.

What does the broker say that he couldn't find a buyer? Most of the time, the brokers have a good richer for the market.



08.12.2011  22:02
from: The caretaker

Just a question, why do you want to sell?

Mfg the caretaker

25.12.2011  19:36
by: Timmey

I just bought a single-family house and don't want to have any trouble with tenants, rent arrears or messi apartments. besides, the house is no longer the youngest. would have to put a lot into it in the next few years. why do you ask?

Kind regards

09.01.2012  14:38
of the
Property manager

Problems with tenants in a 2-family house? Messi apartments ??? That sounds very off-putting ... Maintenance backlog also deters many buyers.

You can copy what an appraiser has calculated. Here with me, a three-family house for 39,000 is not for sale, although all apartments are rented ...

You have probably already tried it, but please contact the fun fund. They have a large network of buyers ... Otherwise, offer the tenants a hire purchase ... or turn them into condominiums.

I don't know anything about the property, the location, etc. but it may be worth demolishing to (at least) sell the property for a profit.

The advice is not very good, but it is free. I wish you a lot of success

the (former caretaker) caretaker

23.05.2012  21:16
by: Maike Sippel


It often takes a very long time to find a buyer, so we had to go through that. I speak from personal experience. It didn't work for me at first either. But now I've finally found a buyer. I also tried a broker at first, but unfortunately without success. Many buyers just didn't want to pay a commission. So I advertised my property on the Internet. The free entry at "www.immobilienlove.de" finally led me to a buyer. So don't give up :-)

Best wishes


24.05.2012  10:55
by: Hannah

You may still want to try to advertise it in relevant newspapers. Sometimes that helps. Otherwise, don't let renting out unsettle you. Since vacancy is also not the right thing.


30.05.2012  17:38
by: Spittler C.


Do you still want to sell ????

I would love to take care of it.


09.11.2012  13:44
by: Martina

Actually, it is best to have an experienced real estate agent sell the house. Franzen is a good address for house sales in and around Hamburg.

09.11.2012  15:55
by: zykez

It depends on so many factors and unfortunately you do not mention any relevant property data, location or anything else. A good marketing always takes place under several dates. A bad one among blanket data. Usual brokers need 6-12 months to sell a property. The good guys can do this in less than 3 months, but then the situation is one of the deciding factors.

If you come up with some dates, they might be able to help you better. Possibly it is also the desired price, location, etc., so not the property itself.



19.12.2012  14:39
by: Christian.Schmid

A house broker? Isn't that going to be too expensive? They also want to have his share.

04.03.2013  11:44
by: S.Janke

I want to sell my house urgently. After my husband's death, I can no longer do it alone. It is a straight family house with entrance -WHG.52m ² ground floor 110m ²

Timber frame construction, clinker look in the country. School connections, shops, doctor and pharmacy are given. It is a central row house. Neighbors are great

total of 400m ² only 145,000 €

I don't get that sold either. well maintained. Lots of space in the house. Also for children. I also have an agent ... but nothing ...

04862 M.

10.03.2013  13:13
by: Frank Sendzik


We took a completely new approach to "sell" our apartment - no, I have to say give it away.

-> Dear site administrator, this is now no advertisement :-)

Take a look at the idea at www.verschenke-immobilie.de. Many media have already reported about us / this idea, and we actually already have two interested parties who want to "give away" their house with us.

P.S. We would be happy if you spread the word about this idea and also give us a liking on Facebook :-)

Many greetings

give away property

12.04.2013  21:48
by: Monika Wilson

I am not a real estate agent in Germany - but in Florida, but I guess the "rules" are pretty worldwide. If you want to sell a house as an investment property here, it must pay off for the buyer. That means the return has to amount to more than if you invest the money (instead of in the property) in something else. Here with us one reckons with multi-family houses with a return of 8% or more. I know this rate of return is lower in Germany. However, when we, as a broker, calculate the price of a property (apartment building), this return plays an important role, i.e. take the rental income, subtract the expenses and see what remains as "profit" before tax at the end of the year. Then take your purchase price and see how much interest you get from your investment (purchase price of the property). Then you can take into account a possible increase in the value of the property and thus come to your attractive price for the buyer / investor.

the appraiser only estimates the value of the property but not the return - right ?? At least that's the case here in Florida.

Another important point you have to pay attention to is whether the house makes a good impression or whether the potential buyer thinks that one or the other will break down quickly. Very important. Is the lawn mowed, does the color look neat, is "clutter" lying around, do you stumble over children's bicycles, .....?

12.04.2013  21:53
by: Monika Wilson

My advice to everyone who wants to sell their houses and doesn't make it - look for a broker who works for a large international brokerage office, they all work worldwide! together and your property will be marketed worldwide. I am thinking, for example, of such large franchises (edit by Immobilienfuchs: No advertising!) .....

26.04.2013  10:05
by: Harald Czycholl

Dear Sirs and Madames,

I am a freelance journalist and am currently working on an article on behalf of "Welt am Sonntag" about real estate (especially single-family houses) which - despite the much-cited real estate boom in Germany - are difficult or even impossible to sell. I would like to speak to those affected who have been trying unsuccessfully to sell their house for a long time.

The cases described by "Timmey" and "S. Janke" would appear to me to be appropriate for the article mentioned. But I would like to know more about it. I would be very happy to receive feedback from the users mentioned - or from people who can describe a similar case. Conversely, the article could of course also help to solve the problem of those affected: After all, around a million readers of "Welt am Sonntag" would potentially find out about the house in this way - perhaps there would be an interested party. I can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 0160-91319164.

With best regards

Harald Czycholl

13.05.2013  23:08
from: Josefine

Hello everyone!

I got into this quite by chance and would like to say that there is also a problem in the other direction. My partner and I are looking for a private house. There is practically nothing. If you look on the relevant pages, there are all commercial providers who offer real estate (planned new buildings) or overpriced properties where a high brokerage fee is added. We would also live in the village but apparently there are no offers or a website with houses specially offered by private individuals. It's really unbelievable, I've been dealing with it for six months and am now honestly surprised at the contributions. Tell me where you advertise your houses :)

Come from near Dresden. I wish everyone the best of luck with your endeavors.



21.05.2013  17:44
by: J. Kuhnt

Monika got it to the point.

It makes a difference whether I am selling a house that the buyer can use himself or whether it is an income property.

You can calculate the real value of property you use yourself. That doesn't have to be the market value. In Potsdam or Berlin or other large German cities, the market value can definitely be found above the real value. In rural areas, it's the other way around.

A rented property is about the capitalized earnings value. The buyer wants to make a profit with it.

The annual gross rent is the starting point for the sales price. This annual gross rent (i.e. annual income without operating costs) is multiplied by the corresponding years and the purchase price arises. In better locations in Berlin or Potsdam, for example, you can definitely use 22-25 times the annual gross yield. In normal locations in these cities between 15-17 times the annual gross yield. In the area around Berlin that is less. In Strausberg (outside the Berlin motorway ring but still in the S-Bahn area), for example, only 9-11 times the annual gross profit is charged as the purchase price.

The "bis numbers" result from the respective location in the village as well as from the financial effort still to be carried out in order to bring the property to the respective standard of living.

Kind regards

Brandenburg broker

06.08.2013  15:57
by: A. Brueggemann

Hello everybody,

Maybe home staging is worth an idea? I don't want to advertise a provider of this service or the like, so no link but just the title of a book that we ourselves have done: "Home Staging" from Blottner Verlag.

But maybe the "right" broker wasn't there yet ... we didn't use the brokerage ourselves, but during our research we came across the website www.makler-vergleich.de. They not only provide brokers, but primarily offer a lot of good tips also for those who want to sell their property themselves and without an agent.

Maybe there is something in there ...

Mfg from Kirchheimbolanden

25.09.2013  14:37
by: Maximor


if you don't get it for sale, just try it on this page:


With best regards


13.05.2014  21:36
by: Nagel Frank

Hello everybody,

I am selling my property

this is located in Andernach am Rhein,

lies roughly in the middle between Bonn and Koblenz

Since I don't live on site myself, a friend of our family takes care of viewing appointments for interested parties.

I wanted to hire a broker to do the sale;

However, with an express sole agency and a contract for one year, it stopped me from doing so.


The sales price is the basis for negotiation

best regards Frank Nagel


19.06.2014  11:31
by: WalterWerner75

If it is about the Potsdam region, you should introduce your property at www.correct-immo.de. They also sold my two properties and shot professional videos and photos. No real estate agent I met had ever worked at this level and I say that at the age of 76.

03.09.2014  14:33
by: Martin Grabsow

Take a look here http://www.immoupload.de/, there you can easily sell real estate online. Should be a good and serious thing. Just try it ! greetings

03.09.2014  15:14
by: Martin Gransow

Try it [url = http: //www.immoupload.de/] here [/ url]! There you can sell your property online. greetings

14.12.2015  14:58
by: Casamio

Perhaps you should first do a target group analysis - who is eligible for the purchase? Then you put the object online accordingly. What is often effective, especially in such cases, is neighborhood marketing - write a letter and throw it in all the mailboxes around you.

You can find more tips on marketing residential real estate at

www.casamio-immobilien.de under "Counselor"

21.02.2016  23:09
by: Wladimir Sikrat

Good day! Has the house been sold now? Was Mr. Czycholl able to move something after the article in the picture on Sunday? With best regards

25.03.2016  16:45
by: Cora

A target group analysis is a good idea, but how about a bidding process.


Best regards


25.05.2016  08:16
from: Monrom

I read this exchange here with interest. We have a property to offer in the Harz foreland that has been well maintained and modernized. Since my parents no longer live there, we siblings who do not live there want to sell it. We have been here for 5 months. Now we already had potential buyers who have sought financing from the banks. The information from the banks was such that they did not grant the same loans for the outskirts of the Vorharz as they did for urban areas, because the yield at evet. Resale would not be achievable. Since I couldn't believe it, I spoke to the property dept myself. and it was confirmed to me that it does not depend on the property, but on location-location-location. But who determines the situation for a family, we as a family, felt right at home here. There is a lot of negative talk. Families who are dependent on financial resources from the banks are not financed in this way because they are not (for banks) in the right locations. Locations that at first glance do not have the potential for banks are dying out completely. We homeowners do not even begin to get the value of a property replaced in the purchase price.Of course, the low interest rate phase also enables many who otherwise could not afford to take out a loan. But they also deserve a real chance and are not financially supported by the expression * location *.

20.02.2020  12:41
by: RP

You can find a free initial assessment here: