What are the benefits of teaching the Koran

What is the plural of Erdoğan? The Turkish President may consider this question to be an insult, because someone like him can only exist once. The plural of Erdoğan does not mean "Erdoğane", but "Import-Imams". These are the Muslim clergymen who are sent to Germany and paid by the Turkish state so that they not only preach in the mosques there, but also teach the children and adolescents the Koran. The import imams speak little or no German, the language of instruction is Arabic or Turkish - and the instruction consists of submission.

Anyone who objects to children being alienated from their western environment, who objects to children being exposed to archaic didactics and indoctrination that is unrelated to the constitution - must welcome Heinrich Bedford-Strohm's call for "comprehensive Islamic teaching" at state schools .

The council chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany is right: There must be regular Islam lessons in schools, just as there are Catholic and Protestant lessons there. In it, pupils can ask questions that they cannot ask in the mosque (if only because they do not understand the teachers at all).

Religious instruction compatible with fundamental rights - a fundamental right of the pupils

What is being taught is only transparent in such state school teaching; only there are curricula; only there is real control possible. And the teachers there are not imports from Turkey or Saudi Arabia, but Islamic theologians who have been trained at German colleges and universities. Such religious instruction, which is compatible with fundamental rights, is a fundamental right of the pupils; and such teaching is at the same time a preventive measure against radicalization and fanaticism.

So far, only six federal states have offered such Islamic religious instruction, and not all of them are offered as regular courses. In Bavaria, for example, teaching Islam is only available as a model experiment at certain schools; only about ten percent of Muslim children are given the opportunity to attend such classes here. That is not enough, that is a mistake. Certainly: with the introduction of Koran lessons in schools, mosque lessons and import imams will not disappear. But they are losing influence.

Too much religion in schools? It would make sense if there were elective subjects everywhere. That means: The students could then choose between Catholic, Protestant or Islamic lessons all over Germany - or take the ideologically neutral ethics lesson.