Which one is better on radio and podcast

Pod-what? What is a podcast and how can I listen to it?

If you plan to listen to podcasts regularly and don't want to miss an episode of the sales kitchen, you should install a podcast player. In this you have the so-called feed, which shows you all the new episodes of your subscribed podcasts. If you want, the podcast player even downloads new episodes automatically so that you can hear them even if you don't have any reception on the subway on your way home.

On the basis of the podcasts you have already subscribed to, new ones will be suggested that could also be of interest to you. You will soon notice that your feed is filling up and that you will discover more and more interesting podcasts for yourself.

Of course, you can also listen to the sales kitchen without a podcast player via our website, Soundcloud or iTunes.

Below you will find an overview of our top rated podcast players:

Podcast player for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, ...)

Pocket Casts is the right player for everyone who uses devices on different platforms. It is not quite as intuitive to use as some of its competitors, but the subscriptions can be easily synchronized between different devices and platforms - for example, your iPad on the living room table already knows which podcast sequence you are on your way to work with your Samsung smartphone had heard. Pocket Casts also offers many other functions such as snooze function, setting the speed and skipping breaks.

Price iOS: € 4.49

Price Android: € 2.99

Podcast player for Android

(Not only) for commuters: BeyondPod

BeyondPod is easy to use with full functionality and supports Chromecast and Android Wear. The special feature of the app should particularly please commuters: the car mode with enlarged buttons should make it easier to operate in the car. But there is also a snooze mode for those who fall asleep.

Price: 7-day free trial, then ???

For fans of simple elegance: AntennaPod

AntennaPod is a clear and easy-to-use open source app that automatically updates your feeds and downloads new podcast episodes. This app also offers sleep listeners a snooze mode so that there is no rude awakening the next day. AntennaPod is ad-free, although free.

Price: free

For podcast nerds: Podcast & Radio Addict

Podcast & Radio Addict is neither a visual highlight, nor is the operation particularly intuitive. The app can be personalized almost infinitely and individually adjusted in the settings. Podcast episodes can be obtained from a variety of sources, including YouTube. Podcast & Radio Addict is also compatible with Chromecast, Android Wear and Android Auto. The app is basically not ad-free, but even here you can decide in the settings whether you prefer advertising in the form of banners or full screen displays or optionally make the app ad-free for € 2.59.

Price: free

Podcasts player for the iPhone

For the Apple geeks: Overcast

Overcast can be used on all Apple devices (including Apple Watch) and impresses with its simple design and ease of use. In addition to the Smart Speed ​​function, with which unnecessary pauses in speaking can be automatically removed from a podcast episode, Overcast also offers a web player. Unfortunately, the app is not free of advertising, but you can change that for a fee of € 9.99 / year.

Price: free

For iPhone-only users: Castro 2

Castro 2 is only available on the iPhone and is therefore perfect for those who want to listen to podcasts exclusively on their iPhone.

The app has a simple design and is therefore easy to use. New episodes of subscribed podcasts are loaded automatically and under iOS 11 it even has the practical drag-and-drop function for sorting podcast episodes.

Price: 5.49 €

For pragmats: podcasts

If you don't want to waste time looking for a suitable podcast player, you can simply use the Podcasts app preinstalled on your iPhone. The app does not offer many additional functions, but of course you can also use it to listen to all podcasts, subscribe to them and find new, exciting audio material via the “Discover” area.

Price: free