What is another word for freedom?

Why fear is another word for freedom

Photo: Free-Photos, Pixabay

Why fear is another word for freedom

Keynote by Rebekka Reinhard

Digitization, climate change, migration: the great challenges of our time create fear and intensify the polarization tendencies of society. Anyone who is afraid cannot endure complexity and confusion; whoever is afraid tries to "disambiguate" contradictions and ambiguities. Today more than ever there is a need for thinking and acting that puts people at the center - not dogma. How can we learn to be free despite fear? Free from prejudice and resentment, from "we" against "the others"?

This lecture aims to encourage freedom and self-reflection. In her keynote at the opening of the HumanistenTag, Rebekka Reinhard pleads for a new enlightenment and for daring to take the step from thinking to doing - in order to fill the words recognition, respect and love with life again.


Photo: https://rebekkareinhard.de/

Rebekka Reinhard did her doctorate in 2001 at the Free University of Berlin on American and French contemporary philosophy (“summa cum laude”). The freelance philosopher and author has also been advising companies since 2007 and giving lectures on ethics, digitization and women power. Reinhard has been deputy editor-in-chief of the philosophy magazine HOHE LUFT since 2019 and writes for media such as ZEIT online, Süddeutsche Zeitung and GEO. She is also the author of numerous non-fiction books.