What is a cocktail party

Cocktail party

The most important tips for a promising cocktail party. (Photo by: GuteKueche.at)

A cocktail party is often seen as a welcome opportunity to get rid of all obligations in one fell swoop. And that in a casual atmosphere.


The party (mostly) only takes place while standing.

It will always be Interlocutor changed so that a cocktail party is in constant motion.


You can plan one person per square meter of living space. Sounds utopian, but you have to assume that all invited guests never appear and don't come at the same time.


Wine little glamor and style are part of every perfect party. (Photo by: GuteKueche.at)

There is no need to send a written invitation to the guests for an informal cocktail party; it is sufficient for work colleagues and acquaintances to announce the party verbally.

At such informal cocktail parties, smart day outfits such as jeans, t-shirts or sweaters are worn.

A special dress code only applies to official and highly celebratory parties with a written invitation.


For less stress, you should make a selection before the party, which cocktails you want to offer and shop accordingly.

Tip: Decide on a maximum of four to five different cocktails that are mixed and buy the ingredients for them. It is important to also offer non-alcoholic cocktails.

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In between, you can also drink mineral water, cola or lemonade.

Not everyone likes cocktails, so it might be good to have a bottle of wine or cold beer on hand.

Finger food & nibbles

A cocktail party always means drinks and a few bites of food.

Especially Finger food and tapas is served on such occasions, bite-sized snacks with napkins, no plates and no cutlery, far away from the classic, cold buffet.

Also a selection of crisps, cracker, Pretzel Sticks, Nuts and other nibbles should be available.

The bar

The central point of the cocktail party is the bar, as the organizer you are usually also the bartender.

In addition to the beverage ingredients, the utensils for mixing cocktails should of course not be missing.

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Also fresh fruits to garnish and lots of them ice or. crushed ice are required. And last but not least, you also need the right ones Cocktail glasses.

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At a cocktail party, too, of course subtle bar music be played.

In no case is music that invites you to dance, because you want to talk, so the music should not be too loud.

Everyone has to take care of good entertainment and fun, that's the point of such a party.

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