How is the ECE at BITS Goa

Which is better, integrated math at BITS, Hyderabad or CSE at SASTRA?

I don't know about SASTRA, but to my greatest interest I can bet that MSc. Dual degree math will be a better choice.

Why take my bet so seriously?

  1. BITS Pilani is one of the most raped institutes in India.
  2. Free of BR Ambedkar rituals. No reservation quota. So you will be surrounded by similar minds. You know what, you can only give your best if you are one of the best.
  3. In accordance with the dual training, you will be offered an additional course in your second year of study, the engineering course based on yours CG .
  4. So if you work hard and manage to get a major on the order of 8.4, you are on the safe side to get a CS degree in the sophomore year. You will then complete both your engineering and MSc degrees within 5 years.
  5. Look! Computer science is a subject in which you consistently deal with mathematics and numerics.
  6. So the best combination for me in BITS Pilani is MSc Mathematics + CS.

NOTE: If you're really into coding, BITS Pilani's coding culture will make you the best coder on campus regardless of the industry.

PS: Sidhdhanth Kumar Patel is as PyGod of Hyderabad Campus known . Even he qualified in GSOC that year. Do you know which degrees he is aiming for? MSc chemistry + chemical engineering .

I hope you have your answer! I know you chose MSc. Mathematics.

Edit 1:

As Sakthi Gnanasundaram mentioned in relation to SASTRA in Thanjore.

“It belongs to NIT Trichy.So professors from NIT Trichy go to Sastra and teach there.I have a lot of friends who study there.Still, BITS Pilani is considered a better option among the two. "

Edit 2:

As our Senior Mr. Mohan Kumar mentioned advice on Dual Degrees and MSc.Mathematics in BITS Pilani.

Also in MSc.Mathematicians have advantages with data analysts andFinancial analyst profiles.You get oneall year time toto understandThe right scenario to choose an industry that matches your passion.There are many other transmission options.How, MSc Mathematics to MSc Economics or MSc Mathematics to Direct BE.CSE or MSc.Mathematics + BE CSE.GIVEN YOUR CGPA IS GOOD ENOUGH and you can take any course you understand once you get BITS accreditation or contact seniors.The flexibility and culture will help you understand your true passion,and if you work on it you can get it.You will hear many stories from Siddhant Kumar Patel.

All the best for your future endeavors and fine work, Debashi's Panda-san. "

Welcome to BITS Pilani!

ज्जाञ परमं परमं !


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