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Car insurance: who can drive my car?


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Avoiding Problems With Car Insurance: Who Can Drive Anything?

A friend would like that Rent a car for a day? This is not all that unusual and if the actual driver is at the moment does not depend on the vehicle is, nothing stands in the way of the undertaking.

But it's not that simple, because if you want to rent out your car, you should be exactly that Insurance policy check.

There is often uncertainty when it comes to the questions: Who is allowed to drive my car at all? If the Insurance coverageif I let someone else drive? With what consequences do I have to expect an accident? And what should I do when I get my vehicle to a friend or relative want to borrow? We address these questions in the guide.

FAQ: Who can drive my car?

Who is also insured through your car insurance?

Depending on the policy selected, you can also insure other people (with or without a limit on the number). This means that other drivers are also covered when using the car. Compare the offers of the insurers.

Can you drive a car without insurance?

This depends on the respective insurance: Driving without compulsory insurance protection (motor vehicle liability) is a criminal offense according to § 6 Compulsory Insurance Act. If you only drive drivers who are not also insured, you may be denied cover for damage caused. Liability can also make recourse claims against the policyholder.

Cars and insurance: who can drive besides me?

Who is actually allowed to drive my car? Drivers are often faced with this question when other people ask whether they are borrow the car briefly can. In order to be able to give an answer, one usually helps Look at the insurance policy. There stand up which group of people the vehicle insurance has been registered. For insurance companies in Germany, you can use different options to get voted:

  • One driver only
  • Driver and his partner
  • Several named persons
  • Any group of people

The amount of the contribution for the motor vehicle insurance is decisive from this indication dependent. The most flexible is also at the same time most expensive variantwhich is why many drivers choose one limited group of people decide. This can often be used annually several hundred euros save up.

But what happens when the vehicle hits a person unknown to the insurance company is awarded? Is the car with the unfamiliar driver still insured at all in the event of an accident?

Who can drive my car? Does the insurance pay in the event of an accident?

According to Compulsory Insurance Act the liability must in any case the Damage to the opposing vehicle pay if there is an accident. It doesn't matter if one is foreign driver drove the car. It is only important that theContribution paid regularly has been. But it is possible that you have a Request for additional payment received and a Pay a fine have to.

So if you want to lend your vehicle, you should ask yourself or your car insurance company: Who is allowed to drive my car at all? Belongs to the relative or the friend not to the group of insured persons, it is often but not a problem to use this retrospectively to register. Either you can expand the insurance as a whole by registering the foreign driver or you can have one Exemption catch up.

If you are asked “Who is allowed to drive my car”, it is always important that you report the person. With some insurance companies this is occasional use of the vehicle even free of charge or included in the monthly fee, others offer an app that you can use at short notice register another driver for a fee can.

Some insurance companies even have a clause that allows you to occasionally letting other drivers drivewithout having to register beforehand. But sometimes it matters how many years the other driver has his driver's license. At Novice drivers may possibly be a Additional fee are required what the monthly contribution elevated. It is best to discuss this with your insurer.

Can a foreigner drive my car?

When it comes to the question “Who is allowed to drive my car?” It is also important to clarify what it is like for you foreign drivers behaves. In principle, you are only allowed to let someone drive your car, if that person is also one valid driving license Has. This is not a problem for EU citizens. In the case of third countries, it should be checked beforehand whether the foreign driver's license is accepted by Germany.

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  1. need a small car to go shopping, have a mini golf course and can't always run the errands right away, someone from my family who is not registered is allowed to drive

    • Hello fisherman,

      yes, it is possible for someone in your family to drive a car. You can also register the person with the insurance company retrospectively, in case something should happen. The insurance can then be extended as a whole or you can obtain an exemption.

      The editors of

  2. I asked my insurance company for a new offer because I want to take my daughter (19 years old, took part in accompanying driving) with me to my insurance company. My daughter doesn't drive much at the moment because she is studying in Munich and is only at home sporadically. The man on the insurance hotline told me that if she only drives now and then, I can save myself the additional premium because according to the federal ... law .. ?? A stranger can drive my car up to 20 days a year. It is regulated by law that someone who is not specified in the insurance may drive in an emergency. An emergency could also be that I, the driver, suddenly feel bad. Is that correct? Don't want to run the risk of getting stressed out with insurance if my daughter drives and causes an accident

    • Hello Manu,

      In this regard, you should study your general terms and conditions of insurance - some insurance companies will accept such short-term borrowing, while others will not. In this respect, no general statement can be made here. We are not aware of such a law.

      The team

    • Hello Sebastian,

      “May” is a vague term in this constellation - if the acquaintance has a valid driver's license, he or she is allowed to drive your car. However, the insurance would not apply in the event of an accident.

      The editors of

  3. Hello,

    i want to carry 2 cars abroad. Drivers will be 2 friends because I am supposed to stay in Germany.
    Both cars are registered to me.
    I will deregister both cars, apply for license plates for 1 month, but then do I have to do something else? I mean, as with a notary, a declaration that the cars are not stolen.


    • Hello Florin,

      as a rule, your measures should be sufficient. If you want to be sure, you can check with the competent authority or consult a lawyer.

      The editors of

  4. I asked a colleague to repair my car, when he drove from the yard to see what was defective in the car, it crashed. The other party in the accident was probably too fast, but my colleague unintentionally took the right of way from him because he thought he was still far enough away. Everything happened in town when driving out of the yard. Who will pay the damage now? My wife is registered as the main driver.

    Mfg s.

    • Hello Stefan,

      in principle, the motor vehicle liability of the person causing the accident bears the damage. If both parties have a share in it, so-called quotas are set. If the driver was not insured with your vehicle, this can lead to problems. A traffic law attorney can provide more specific information.

      The editors of

  5. A neighbor wanted to test drive my car and had an accident. He was not insured. Does he have to pay me back the cost of my car or do I sit on it?

    • Hello Johannes L.,

      as a rule, the insurance company pays for the damage. It is important that you report the person who drove the car to the insurance company. If you have any further questions about this, you can consult a traffic law attorney.

      The editors of

  6. Enjoy the meal

    I've been engaged for more than a year now,
    I stated in my insurance that family members are allowed to drive my car.
    To my question, my fiancée is now also part of the family and is insured?
    Thank you in advance
    Greetings Leo

    • Hello Leo,

      that depends on the insurance conditions. Some insurance companies also extend insurance coverage to partners who live in the household. So you have to check with the insurer.

      The editors of

  7. Hello
    am i allowed to hide a car if i'm 70% disabled and i get a disability discount from the insurance and my car is constantly with the supervisor and is no longer driven by me because i am on the go with a rollator. do I have to report this?

    Kind regards
    Gabriele g.

    • Hello Gabriele,

      It is best to discuss such details with your insurance company, as this can be handled differently from place to place.

      The editors of

  8. What happens if your driver, who has not been registered on the car, takes a passenger with him and personal injury occurs?

    • Hello Zina,

      it is best to check with your insurance company. As a rule, an upgrade should then take place.

      The editors of

  9. Hello,

    Can I also drive a vehicle if the insurance is on my father, I am registered as a driver but we both have different places of residence (different districts)?

    Kind regards.

    • Hello Madlen,

      if you are registered, you should also be insured. Further information can be found in the insurance conditions.

      The editors of

  10. Hello!

    I want to buy a car and I also want to include my parents in the insurance so that they are covered as drivers. My parents have a driving license that is also valid in the EU, but they are registered as residents in Italy. Is it still possible to cover them as family members?

    best regards

    • Hello Kelly,

      Please inquire with your insurance company to what extent you can co-insure your parents.

      The editors of

  11. I recently got my driver's license, can I drive a friend's car even if he is with me and has not entered me in his insurance? And if I have an accident, how does it work?

    • Hello Vlad,

      You are allowed to drive your friend's car. If you should have an accident, it is often not a problem for your friend to register you with the insurance company afterwards. Either he can expand the insurance as a whole by registering you or he can obtain an exemption.

      The editors of

  12. I insured a vehicle, my son is listed as the youngest driver under 23, his girlfriend is 1 year younger but also has a car driver's license.
    Can she also drive the vehicle?
    Greetings Thomas

    • Hello Thomas R.,

      your son's girlfriend can drive the vehicle. It is often not a problem to register a person with the insurance company afterwards.

      The editors of

  13. Hello,
    My son is 21, I'm the only owner / driver of the vehicle, yesterday he rented my car and 20 minutes later I found out that he was in an accident.
    He is not to blame, the opponent is the culprit.
    Does insurance cover the cost of my vehicle?

    • Hello cupid,

      In principle, the motor vehicle liability insurance of the person who caused the accident is responsible for settling the damage - whoever drove is irrelevant. If the protection of your insurance does not apply to your son, however, it can happen that he demands additional payment or penalties.

      The editors of

  14. Hello
    I have a question
    My parents and I don't live under one roof. I don't have my own car. However, my parents' insurance policy states that the children are also allowed to drive the car. In case it is needed. My parents pay a slightly higher amount for this. The question is whether I can drive it at any time or, as I've heard, only report to the insurance company for the day when I need the car. Is it true? Sounds too strange but
    Many Thanks

  15. My nephew in Austria would like to drive a car registered for us there. Is it possible to take out insurance in which my nephew is registered as a registered driver and he is then also liable if he causes an accident?

  16. From when does "driving" a vehicle count as "driving"? The specific reason is that our car stopped with an engine failure and we wanted to push it the kilometer to the workshop. To what extent is this allowed? (Who can push and who can sit behind the wheel?) Are there any legal restrictions? And where can I read it?

  17. Good day

    When can I let my car drive?
    Who can I borrow the car from ???

    I live in Switzerland and my circle of people says I am only allowed to drive cars registered in Switzerland with a Swiss driver's license, I need a liability insurance .. additionally. ??? Due to customs and taxes.
    If I drive to my parents and their would drive their car in Germany then I heard that would not work insurance-wise. The latter would be interesting to know what is going on in the law it is not clearly in it (domestic insurance) that is the hint that the maximum only those who have a driver's license in this country are allowed to drive.

    am open to well-founded facts
    Greetings Julian

  18. Hello how is it can I have a car insured on myself even though I don't have a driver's license, and may my partner or with a foreign driver's license drive the car that is not approved in DE.

  19. About 75 years old, I invite my son, (48 years old daughter-in-law and grandson to a nice meal, about 40km drive. All
    Passengers are drivers license holders. Well, among other things, I meet a good friend who has not been seen for a long time and it turns out that he tells me I should stay here for coffee, we talk about old times. It was unpredictable, so I say to my son, drive my car, my friend will take me home. And now the nonsense of this interpretation of the insurance begins, my son, who has a driver's license for about 30 years, is not allowed to use my vehicle without registering the driver and paying this risk. Aren't we more stupid ??? G.B.

  20. Good day! I drove my grandma's car and it has someone else's registration number. She is not in Germany now but will be back soon. I would be stopped by the police and told that I am no longer allowed to drive the car if I live in Germany. But the car is not mine and was only loaned out. In addition, the car has not been in Germany for more than 1 year and drives abroad almost every month. What should I do in this situation?

    • Hello wilhelm,

      Cars that have been registered in one EU country may temporarily (up to one year) be used in traffic in other EU countries. However, a valid registration certificate must be issued by a competent body in the other Member State (Section 20 (1) FZV).

      The editors of

  21. My friend bought a new car at the dealership. Since this is financed, the insurance also runs through the dealership. Now she borrows her car to drive from and to her son or a family member. Does the insurance pay in the event of an accident? Thank you for your answer

  22. I'm on vacation in another EU country.
    I lend the vehicle to a friend (abroad). He is a eu citizen he is building an accident. Driver's license alcohol ... etc are all ok / not in the game.
    How is the damage dealt with?

  23. Beautiful good day,

    As a severely disabled person, how do I insure the best driver of my vehicle?
    Nursing employees are apparently not insured by themselves.

    Comprehensive insurance? Liability? Your recommendation?

    Many Thanks!

  24. Is there a general rule that my girlfriend can drive the vehicle if I am there as a passenger? I've already had the case that I was not feeling well and that it seemed safer to let them go. But I'm not sure what would have happened in terms of insurance coverage if the worst had happened.

    • Hello Tino,

      this depends on your insurance policy (co-insured persons). Check the benefits agreed in the insurance contract.

      The editors of

    • Hello David,

      if a driver has an accident with a vehicle that is not included in the insurance, the policyholder may take recourse against the policyholder (due to a breach of duty).

      The editors of

  25. Hello,
    Can I let someone else drive if I no longer feel fit to drive while driving (e.g. nausea, headache). Is this then covered by insurance coverage?

  26. Hello,
    have the problem that my 18 year old son was probably not listed as a driver with my husband's insurance. What happens if the son causes an accident with it or is involved in one? Will he lose his driver's license then? What are the costs for the owner? He's probably insured with Verti.

    Many Thanks.

  27. My father is very sick in the hospital and his car is in the hospital's underground car park. Who can pick up this car and drive it home? Can the insurance be changed for a day (or a few hours) so that someone can pick up the vehicle? Only my father is registered as a driver.

  28. Hello everybody,

    Only I am registered as the driver of my insurance, so it is clear that the insurance cover expires when I rent the vehicle. But are there special regulations for courtesy trips? So what if, for example, due to illness or unfit to drive (tiredness, alcohol, ...) I cannot drive (any longer) and the actual passenger has to take the wheel?

    Best wishes
    Markus D.