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Only if you love me

Successful author
She has long been known to friends of good thrillers: Joy Fielding. The present book Only if you love me is now the ninth book that she has published in German. With the previous eight, she has earned her place at the top of the list of successful thriller writers.
Your new book begins with a middle-class idyll. In an ordinary suburb of Cincinnati live four young women whose social status does not prevent them from getting to know each other and making friends. All four are mothers of children of about the same age. That connects. The friendship between them becomes more intense, and soon they are inseparable, sharing their worries - which at first are not particularly great, they live in an ideal world - and their joys.
After a few happy and carefree years, things suddenly happen that threaten to destroy her idyll: The sympathetic and shy Chris is tortured more and more by her tyrannical and perverted husband Tony. The friends interfere and for the first time disagreements and arguments arise. When the beautiful Barbara is abandoned by her husband for a younger woman, there is no longer any question of idyll. Eventually one of the four women is found beaten to death in her bedroom. The lawyer Vicky resolves to look for the perpetrator with all her might. In fact, she soon comes across a lead that leads the reader to an irritatingly evil end. Unbelievable what really happened.
A perfect social thriller
American bestselling author Joy Fielding is slowly building the tension in her latest book. It increases inexorably and suddenly you can no longer interrupt your reading. Then you are in the middle of a very exciting thriller. Only if you love me is a perfect social thriller. It will bring many new readers to the fielding community who are addicted to books by this great thriller writer. (Andreas Rötzer)… more