What is the PadMan Challenge

Film: Wilfrid Israel, savior of tens of thousands of Jews

April 11, 2018, 4:05 pm

1. Mohammed comes to the old people's home - challenges to the care of older people with a migration background

Older migrants are currently still a numerically small but steadily growing social category of the Viennese population. By 2030, however, half of all residents of the federal capital over the age of 60 will not be born in Vienna (and also not in Austria). A study published by MA 24 (health and social planning) shows that migration and old age will be an important topic in the future and that the city will face major new challenges in the field of care and nursing. What exactly is meant by that? And what role do religious factors play in so-called "culturally sensitive care for the elderly"? - Design: Maria Harmer

2. A righteous man is honored - Wilfrid Israel saved tens of thousands of Jews

The entrepreneur Wilfrid Israel, head of one of the most renowned Berlin department stores, saved numerous Jews during the Nazi era, allegedly 15 times more than Oskar Schindler. A new documentary tells about it. The Israeli director Yonathan Nir designed the documentary about Wilfrid Israel, based on the book by the author Naomi Shepherd. - Design: Brigitte Krautgartner

3. "Father Padman" - Affordable Monthly Hygiene for India's Women

Menstruation is still a taboo subject. In India, girls and women are virtually excluded from public life during their monthly menstrual period: no work, no school, no temple. Partly because most of them cannot afford the expensive hygiene products. Father Peter Bennichan, who belongs to the order of the Steyler Missionaries, works in the slums of Rourkela, an industrial city in eastern India, providing information on health care and hygiene. Now he and his team also want to produce affordable products for women. He was inspired, among other things, by the hero of the recently launched Bollywood film Pad Man. - Design: Alexandra Mantler


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