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Everything about the zodiac sign Ophiuchus. The new zodiac sign is the snake. Description of the zodiac sign Ophiuchus

Published on 9/23/16 4:58 PM

Ophiuchus, 13th signs of the zodiac and new signs of the zodiac by months 2016: Russian astrologers commented on the information from NASA about changes in the horoscope.

Ophiuchus: from what date to what date?

Information recently in the media about a new zodiac sign - Ophiuchus, discovered by NASA specialists - sparked heated discussions in the press and on social networks.

According to her, the zodiac is actually made up of 13 constellations rather than 12, and over time this interval can change.

"And in astrology the zodiac consists of 12 signs both in antiquity and in modern times. But! The sign of Ophiuchus falls into the zodiac" with one foot ", so to speak, and is a kind of projection of the exit into the great cosmos - the Door to another heaven. In the birth certificate for those who have already gone their earthly path and he is no longer interested in the world of people and things, everyday life and interpersonal relationships, little things in life, "Tamara Globa emphasized .

She sees such people as "not overwhelmed by passions", as people with "absolute spirit or on the way".

"This is why Ophiuchus seems to exist - and at the same time does not exist in the zodiac, but we always take this into account. But not as a separate sign under which they were, as some believe, born. People whose planets or other indicators with the projection of Ophiuchus in the Birth certificates often experience their impact on their lives, and their aspirations often seem to be in the search for the truth above the hustle and bustle.The awakened hears the call of the universe and the sleeping is in the latent state of a man of the world and only the fear of something unknown or unfulfilled calls in every way of life ", - she specifies.

The specialist emphasizes that in both astronomy and astrology, the astronomical year begins at the same time - March 21 (sometimes March 20), and only the boundaries of the constellations and signs of the zodiac are different.

"And for astrologers and for astronomers and for a person living on earth, whether they know these sciences or not, this is an astronomical clock - the beginning of the countdown of time. The star and time dial that continues work , regardless of the time discrepancy disputes, so the 12-character system is the most convenient and will last for more than a century, "added Globa.

13 zodiac sign Ophiuchus: the opinion of Pavel Globa and Vitaly Osipova

Pavel Globa, in turn, has long recognized Ophiuchus and believes that as a rule, extraordinary personalities and even clairvoyants are born under this sign. According to him, Paracelsus, Suvorov, Paganini, Kaganovich, Blok and Nostradamus were Ophiuchus. He noted that the 13th sign of the zodiac often affects world events and not a person's horoscope.

"The appearance of planets between Scorpio and Sagittarius can lead to major changes on a planetary level," he said.

However, according to astrologer Vitalia Osipova, the excitement surrounding Ophiuchus will soon subside and no major changes will follow.

"It all depends on the (astrological) school, in the classical Ophiuchus is not taken into account, everything was calculated there by Ptolemy many centuries ago," she told the journalist of the RIA Novy Den.

Osipova is certain that those who previously included Ophiuchus in their predictions will continue to take this into account, but other astrologers can "adopt" him as well. At the same time, she sees no particular practical need for Ophiuchus, which explains that astrology is an abstract science and a prediction for a person cannot be made just until his birthday.

"Everything is very relative. It all depends on thinking. If a person connects with Taurus instead of Aries, they will definitely find these new traits in themselves. If you tell a person that he is Ophiuchus, he will definitely become something find for yourself. " by him. That's all. Psychology by and large. In the end everything comes from the head "- she is sure.

Ophiuchus is the fifth sign of the upper zodiac. It is located on the border of the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio. In the firmament it corresponds to the constellation Ophiuchus, the star Ras Alhag. Ophiuchus is the only sign of the upper zodiac that is directly related to the lower zodiac. That is why it is called the upper gate or the gate of paradise. Only in the sign of Ophiuchus does a person in his present incarnation have the opportunity to make a great transition, the transition of his entire life. A person can move from a closed, embodied world into the infinite space of the world of ideas and principles. At the same time, stay alive and take advantage of all your material developments of the current incarnation. In the sign of Ophiuchus nothing disappears, only incredible tasks and perspectives for a higher level of development are added.

So. The first opportunity that the fifth sign of the upper zodiac offers a person is the ability to move to a higher plane in order to fulfill his karmic task without changing the physical body, that is, without going through death . They say that Ophiuchus gives a chance to get out of the influence of karma, to get out of the wheel of samsara. A person who successfully passed Ophiuchus is given freedom of choice. He himself can choose the forms for the realization of his karmic task and the tools for its implementation. Nobody breaks off the karmic task, but the rigid framework of the conditions for its fulfillment disappears. The person becomes free. He has the opportunity to fulfill his karmic task creatively.

The second possibility that the fifth sign of the upper zodiac offers a person is power over the elemental forces, over the collective unconscious. This ability is provided by the key planet Ophiuchus - Pluto. Pluto is a distant planet. It is very difficult to judge its influence on an individual's fate. It is Pluto's job to influence the fate of generations, the fate of peoples and civilization as a whole. Mythological Pluto is the ruler of the underworld. It can limit the power of destructive acts, the power of explosion. In society, Pluto can both prevent and support the revolutionary confrontation of social forces and moods. A person patronized by Pluto can both arouse collective forces, bring chaos and havoc in public life, and calm them down with a choice. Ophiuchus enables one to be above the collective unconscious, which enables a person with access to it to control and guide the collective masses. Ophiuchus gives a person the opportunity to be a leader and decide the fate of many other people. Ophiuchus makes it possible to punish and have mercy.

There is one more opportunity that Ophiuchus gives man. This is Ophiuchus' ability to resuscitate from the ashes. The legend of the phoenix bird is related to the sign of Ophiuchus. If the completion of any of your affairs coincides with Ophiuchus in a timely manner, be prepared for the results of that deal to burn out, so that the process begins again and is renewed. The secret of Ophiuchus includes his ability to lead a person with equal success, both on the "burnt path" and on the path to renew everything around him. Basically, both paths are two ends of the same process. The difference is in the accents. The setting of the accents, however, depends on what a person is striving for in his life in order to reach the level of Ophiuchus' work. If he wants to destroy the old, there will be a "burned way". And if you create a new one, the update process will continue. Therefore, when working in Ophiuchus, always keep in mind the two snakes that he is holding tightly in his hands. As long as there is a separation between the underworld and the upper world, these snakes will live. They can be weakened, but not killed. Not yet. But Ophiuchus is exposed to these two snakes. And by regulating the strength of its effect, which only becomes possible in the fifth sign of the upper zodiac - Ophiuchus - you can achieve a lot.

Good and bad are relative concepts. Much of what is good for one person is bad for another. At Ophiuchus it is not the personal problems of the individual that are solved, but the collective ones, common to all. In this sign it becomes possible to find that middle way for the whole of society when one moves in which the good becomes an absolute concept. Concept from the divine tree of knowledge. This is the essence of Ophiuchus' mission. The individual can and must lead the collective masses with his ideas. But to lead them you have to know where to go. In Ophiuchus, a person learns where to go in order to guide the collective unconscious on the right path with its movement. On the path prepared by the Upper Forces, the records of which are kept in a world inaccessible to other members of society. Find out and go no matter what - this is the opportunity that the sign of Ophiuchus offers to anyone who goes to his level.

Ophiuchus constellation

Astrologers have tried more than once to correctly formulate the role and functions of the 13th sign - Ophiuchus in the horoscope. So far, nothing of value has emerged from these attempts. Some, disappointed, stated that Ophiuchus is not a zodiac sign at all, just a constellation that has nothing to do with real and ancient astrology. Others do not give up their attempts, but they are careful and relate constellation Ophiuchus to the list of signs of the zodiac, but without introducing them into the horoscope. In a word, the functions and roles of this constellation are not entirely clear. Most astrologers agree that the introduction of this sign into the zodiac is unsafe for the astrological call, as there will be no problems with its identification and description in the future. What is the element of Ophiuchus? Why does the sun in November, which leaves the sign of Scorpio, pass into the power of the constellation, which is still not zodiacal, etc.? All of these are questions to which astrologers cannot give an unequivocal answer. Today we can only have general facts, yes, ancient myths and works by no less ancient researchers, for example Ptolemy.

Here's what we know:

The symbol of the serpent is the serpent; The serpent is the only constellation in the firmament that consists of two separate parts - the "head of the serpent" and the "tail of the serpent"; The 13th constellation of the zodiac is located within the constellation Snake and divides it into western and eastern parts. Ophiuchus birth dates: November 27th - December 17th. People who were born in these 20 days can consider this constellation as their zodiac sign.

Several myths are also known about this amazing constellation.

The first myth: the name of the constellation Ophiuchus appeared along with the legend about the god of healing Asclepius, the son of Apollo. The powerful and wise centaur Chiron himself taught Asclepius the art of healing with the help of medicines and poisons. Asclepius' skills were so great that people just stopped dying. This did not please the god of the underworld, Hades, who complained to Zeus. Zeus struck Asklepius with a lightning bolt and then put him in the sky together with a snake, whose poison he healed people. Since then, the serpent has been the symbol of healing, and one of the constellations in the sky has been called the serpent constellation.

The second myth interprets that Hera, the wife of Zeus, with the constellation Serpent, which Ophiuchus divides into two parts, perpetuated the image of one of the serpents with which she tried to kill Hercules, according to Greek mythology. By the way, in ancient Greece, two parts of the modern constellation of the serpent were considered independent constellations: "head of the serpent" and "tail of the serpent" were added to the catalog of the starry sky as individual and individual catalogs by Ptolemy.

It is interesting that the constellation Ophiuchus is represented in the Sanskrit teachings in the form of Krishna. This deity holds the tail of a serpent and stands alone naked on the head of a monster. The legend of the birth of Krishna is in many ways similar to the ancient Greek myths about the god Asclepius.

The position of the stars in the constellation Snake is also unique. The cluster's brightest star, Ras Alhage, is in close proximity to another notable star, Ras Algeti. In addition, the shape of the constellation Ophiuchus resembles a pentagon stretching across the ecliptic and equator, which is unique for star clusters. If we take a closer look at the structural structure of the constellation, we can see that not only is Ras Algeti not far from the brightest star, but also a small star of 9.7 m, the so-called Barnard flying star. This star was named in honor of the American astronomer who discovered it for the scientific world.

Ophiuchus signs in the horoscope and zodiac

What is interesting, however, is not so much its astronomical position as its astrological role Sign 13, Ophiuchus... Astrologers, who have been studying the maps of the starry sky for several years, attach particular importance to this constellation. Features of the sign "Ophiuchus" great: It is believed that a person born during this period is endowed with infernal and completely opposite character traits. This constellation, which covers a wide region of the equatorial sky and affects a person, makes him stubborn and at the same time weak, wise and at the same time commits stupid and rash actions. It is not for nothing that the zodiac belt consists of constellations that have remained unchanged for more than 3000 years, perhaps precisely because of its unpredictability that the Ophiuchus sign is not one of the most important constellations.

Astrologers say that magicians and astrologers have long hidden the fact of the existence of the thirteenth zodiac sign from people. According to myth, the Aryans, the ancestors of the current European peoples, inherited the knowledge and characteristics of Ophiuchus from a mysterious and extinct civilization.

The dates of Ophiuchus, a description of the sign and some other information about this zodiac constellation were also kept by the Hindu and Zoroastrian priests, as well as in astrology, which flourished in a number of Slavic states. By the way, the Slavs were one of the few who knew that the sign Ophiuchus reigned in the horoscope for only 20 days. Our ancestors also knew that part of the influence of this constellation falls on the end of the Scorpio cycle and part on the start of the Sagittarius cycle. In most of the old symbolic horoscopes, which consisted of 12 parts, the Ophiuchus sign is included as a multi-dimensional zodiac sign with access to other worlds, namely the mental and the astral. The ancients also believed that people born under the 13th zodiac sign had a parallel effect of two zodiac constellations (either serpent and scorpio or serpent and sagittarius).

Zodiac Ophiuchus - a secret sign

This zodiac constellation does not have its own unique place in the zodiac for an unknown reason. Graphically, Ophiuchus Serpent (which means the constellation Serpent) is a projection of the Milky Way on the circle of the zodiac. The period of influence of the serpent and the scorpion, the number of ophiuchus that corresponds to the number of the scorpion, is sometimes referred to as the "burned road" which is a symbol of the path on which people will face the most difficult trials. According to ancient Greek legends, it was at this time (under the influence of the serpent) that the son of the solar phaeton, who drove over the earth in his fiery chariot, burned all life on our planet, after which monsters climbed to the surface from the cosmic darkness. The ancient Aryans connect the serpentine in the zodiac with the king of the universe Zakhak, who is seduced by the forces of darkness. There were always man-eating snakes on Zahkak's shoulders. Unsurprisingly, this god-king Arius later became a symbol of bad luck, hunger, and death.In many ancient cultures it is believed that when Ophiuchus is in power, people can only rely on their own strength for almost three weeks. The gods at this time are deaf to their prayers. The constellation Snake, which for old people did not enter the zodiac, is a symbol of fear, a weapon of evil, everything most insidious and terrible, a lie.

The Greeks believed that those who can overcome fear will be a free person. The less fortunate will see an unenviable repetition of the fate of the mythological Phaeton in the future - the temptation to lie, the utter collapse of all hope, and ultimately death alone. No wonder that the moment of transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius is called the Liberation Point. The 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus was known to ancient astronomers and astrologers along with Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. However, it was the influence of the serpent that the ancients feared most. It is possible that this is another reason Ophiuchus was not included in the zodiac.

But not only the old "astrologers" took into account the influence of the snake constellation on human life and fate, but also their modern colleagues. Here's a little feature for the Ophiuchus zodiac sign:

Zodiac Ophiuchus brings happiness and joy to some people, grief and endless failures to others. However, regardless of your environmental impact, you will be followed by people drawn to you. Ophiuchus are hostages to their fate. They have little control over events in their lives and the circumstances that form around them. Everything is going as planned. Such people often have to move, they spend most of their lives on the street, on a trip. This is both a plus and a minus. On the one hand, constant movement is a symbol of impermanence. On the other hand - on your travels zodiac ophiuchus can learn, learn and develop a lot as a person.

The most intelligent representatives of the sign are the henchmen of fate. Often they manage to achieve material well-being. Some can lead a double life, with several families in different cities and belonging to several social groups at the same time. Ophiuchus in the horoscope is a type of chameleon that easily changes its skin, color and overall appearance. Certain behavior is not characteristic of such a person. He can turn the past into nothing with a flick of the hand and make the future his main goal in life.

According to the horoscope, Ophiuchus is an extremely dangerous person with whom it is better not to be hostile. If you harm a man or a woman of this sign, then in return you will get into great trouble. This is not because Ophiuchus is an evil sign, but because the representatives of the constellation cannot forgive the people around them for their hostile attitude. When such a person leaves the habitable place of their abode, they burn all bridges behind them, breaking all bonds, and at the same time rewarding others for their actions. If you have been kind to such a person, "bonuses" await you. If you only stuck one spoke into its wheels, you will run into trouble in the future. No matter how circumstances develop, in order not to give around, trapped zodiac ophiuchus will survive and continue on its journey.

Zodiac sign Ophiuchus and its characteristics

Even the ancient Roman astrologer Manilius wrote that the Ophiuchus, born at the time of this constellation's ascension, are completely harmless and surprisingly good-natured. Yes, "bad things" happen around them, but the people of the zodiac sign Ophiuchus themselves rarely have anything to do with them.

Such people are not used to answering evil for evil. In the life of people of this sign there is always a contrast - good and bad, good luck and bad luck, fall and rebirth. The third is not given, their life is based solely on two opposing entities. Features of the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchusis not easy, and the people of this constellation are not easy themselves. They can happily destroy what they used to create to create something incredible new, and at the same time they can hold onto absolutely unnecessary and useless things in their life, such as habits. The zodiac sign Ophiuchus is not constant, but people of this constellation often become slaves of their habits, including harmful ones. Smoking, alcohol, and many other things that are easier to get rid of are often the only constant in a snake's life.

But not only the old "astrologers" took into account the influence of the snake constellation on human life and fate, but also their modern colleagues. Here's a little trait for zodiac sign ophiuchus:

If you were born between November 27th and December 17th, you are not a pure Scorpio or pure Sagittarius, your sign is a Snake with Scorpio traits or a Snake with Sagittarius traits, and regular horoscopes for Scorpio and Sagittarius are only partially suitable for you . The Ophiuchus man and woman of this sign are people with an incredible, often difficult, but always amazing, destiny. You can easily forget about losses and get used to changes in your life. They can disappear forever without separating words and leaving no trace. In addition, both the Ophiuchus woman and the stronger sex of this constellation have the ability to transform completely. Like a phoenix, they can rise from the dust and forget their defeats and past failures.

Recently the constellation Ophiuchus has been mentioned a lot when creating horoscopes. Sometimes he is called Ophiuchus because the word Ophiuchus literally translated from Latin means: "a man who carries a snake (in his hands)" or "a man who holds a snake (in his hands)".

The shield shrouded in mystery raises many questions and curiosity. Where did it come from and why wasn't it mentioned before? Is everything really that mysterious or is there a simple explanation for this phenomenon?

How did this thirteenth sign of the horoscope come about? The 13th constellation of the zodiac has always been known to man. About the Zodiac Sign - Ophiuchus was mentioned in the writings of scientists before Christ. e. On old maps of the starry sky he was referred to with the word Serpentarius (Ophiuchus). According to legend, a man devoured with a snake, a serpent, is the healing god Asklepius himself. According to legend, his mother, Princess Koronida, was chosen by the beloved sun god Apollo.

Coronis did not remain loyal to Apollo. The sun god was angry with his beloved and killed her with a lightning bolt. According to another version, Koronida was killed by the goddess Artemis after she killed the traitor with a cloud of arrows. The child, who miraculously survived, was at the mercy of fate by his father. The shepherd Arestan found the newborn and brought it to him. The boy's name was Aesculapius (Asclepius).

He was tutored by the wise Chiron (centaur). So the young man learned the secrets of medicinal herbs and learned how to use them. The training also included communicating with snakes, who passed their wisdom on to the future doctor. The student outdid the teacher.

Asclepius learned to heal people. He found a means by which living people could achieve immortality and dead people could be resurrected. The god of death Thanatos found out about this and complained to Zeus. Thanatos couldn't allow people to live forever because then he would have lost income.

Zeus had his own reason on this. He was angry that people who had received immortality would become like gods. Therefore, the thunderer killed the healer with a lightning strike.

Apollo took this loss seriously. Then Zeus, who wanted to make amends for the sun god, transformed Asklepius into a constellation with a snake. And so, according to legend, it appeared , new 13th sign of the horoscope - Ophiuchus.

On the star map, Ophiuchus borders the constellations:

  • Snake;
  • Eagle;
  • Sagittarius;
  • Scorpio;
  • Libra;
  • Hercules.

The creation of the traditional zodiac, which is divided into twelve sectors, dates back to the time of ancient Babylon. Much has changed on the sky map since then. The period of the sun's passage through the constellations gradually shifts from year to year. As a result of this phenomenon, some astrologers insist that there are 13 signs of the zodiac.

The symbol of Ophiuchus and his name is the image of a man with a snake. Given the fact that the constellation Ophiuchus embodies the healer Asclepius, so to speak, the symbol of medicine is his staff, entwined with a snake.

Some astrologers, given the constellation Ophiuchus, believe that there are thirteen signs in the horoscope. What properties does astrology confer on people born under this sign, and how does it affect fate and relationships in society?

People born under the constellation Ophiuchus are endowed with contradicting character traits. Your ability to move from one state to another often confuses others. They know how to transform both externally and internally. But, despite their uniqueness and their apparent contradiction in character, people of this sign also have positive qualities.

Ophiuchus are smart and ironic. From the outside it may seem that life is easy for them to get through. Indeed, the bearers of the token can endure difficulties and, if necessary, adapt to the circumstances. Though it would have been more natural for her to go against everything.

Some people may consider the bearers of the Mark to be selfish and arrogant and crowd everywhere. As always, the Ophiuchus have their own opinion. You soberly assess your strengths and weaknesses. And even if it seems to everyone around him that the wearer is behaving defiantly, then he is not at all disgusted himself.

Representatives of this zodiac have the following characteristics:

  1. Originality.
  2. Talent.
  3. Willpower.
  4. Physical endurance.
  5. Straightness.
  6. Fearlessness.
  7. Adventurism.

These are strong and sturdy people with a strong character. They are used to achieving their goals regardless of the methods by which they are achieved. The spiritual strength of Ophiuchus increases with age. These people absolutely know the worth of themselves and their abilities.


It is not easy for women born under the constellation Ophiuchus to live in society. Men who prefer to see a weak, "white and fluffy" woman next to them, face a firm and unyielding character. The bearers of the sign are not engaged in purely female tricks and antics.

Life situations, whatever they may concern, women's serpentines solve with a purely masculine approach. It is not easy for men to feel like a superman next to such a "weaker sex". The sign bearers always achieve their goal. Sober calculations and difficult decisions help them with this.

Women's serpentines are more interested in their own affairs and outlook on life than in the opinions of others. They don't need anyone else's advice or consent, as their own opinions rarely match those of outsiders.

Men born under the constellation Ophiuchus are shaped by intelligence. Excellent conversationalists and storytellers of anecdotes. An innate sense of humor and natural sociability allow them to make the necessary contacts. Brand owners who have their own business, this quality helps in their work.

Too active and active to sit still, they are constantly generating new ideas and bringing them to life. For them, a life without movement is like a swamp with standing water. These people find something to their liking and devote themselves to their favorite pastime without a trace.

Ophiuchus, who records part of the time in Scorpio and Sagittarius, shows signs of these signs in the characterization.

Ophiuchus compatibility with other zodiac signs, short horoscope

The description of the compatibility of the bearers of the sign with other representatives of the zodiac depends on the number and year of their birth. The sign of Ophiuchus indicates dates of birth: from November 29th to December 17th. Given its specifics, there is no need to talk about full compatibility with other representatives of the zodiac.

Given the element that corresponds to the sign, the following zodiac signs are suitable for compatibility with it:

  • Aries parity is possible due to mutual effort and community. Strong and fruitful alliance for both sides;
  • Gemini - the union is overwhelmed by a barrage of positive and negative emotions. Regardless, there is a chance in the long run;
  • Cancer - relationships will evolve in terms of the physiological attraction of characters; the duration of the relationship is unpredictable;
  • Leo - good understanding gives an opportunity to build relationships;
  • Virgo is a favorable union if you do not contradict Ophiuchus and accept him for who he is;
  • Libra is the perfect combination where both signs complement and support each other.
  • Scorpio - a healthy spirit of rivalry between two strong and talented people does not hurt to be happy;
  • Aquarius - common interests add to the length of the relationship;
  • Pisces - observing and transmitting one sign to another will allow you to be around.

The zodiac signs Taurus, Capricorn, and Sagittarius are not compatible with Ophiuchus. Even if they are connected by friendship or romantic relationships in the initial stages, they will not receive any development.

The constellation Ophiuchus, the astrological horoscope of which worries the wearers of the sign, is calculated taking into account the date and the exact time of birth. It is believed to be influenced by the constellations nearby: Scorpio, Sagittarius and Snake, in which Ophiuchus is located.

The astrologer P.P. Globa believes that every Ophiuchus has a horoscope whose personality is influenced by the stars in the constellation. The individuality of the horoscope depends on the presence of the stars included in the constellation.

Summarizes all horoscopes that Ophiuchus is able to practice extra-sensory perception and heal the sick. Perhaps that is why the constellation was chosen as a symbol for medicine.

The thirteenth sign of the zodiac is very different from the others. And the people born under it are also extraordinary and unique. There are many famous people among those who bear this mark: Eldar Ryazanov, Mikhail Lomonosov, Indira Gandhi, Maya Plisetskaya. Who knows, maybe a mysterious and unusual constellation influenced their fate in this way, and it was that which brought worldwide fame.

In recent years, the main news of all media has increasingly been a scientific discovery in astrology - the 13th zodiac sign "Ophiuchus". The news of this discovery appeared on the NASA Space Place science portal. The authors stated that planet Earth has changed its position in relation to the zodiac constellations over 3000 years since the calendar was created. And in general, the system of signs of the zodiac, which counts only 12 constellations, in their opinion long outlived its usefulness, since it was invented in Babylon in ancient times, when there were no technical skills to assert anything reliably. However, since historians are convinced that the ancient Babylonians knew about the existence of the constellation "Ophiuchus", they simply did not give it a separate place in the table of signs of the zodiac, since it is multidimensional and is associated with the constellations "Scorpio" and “Sagittarius.” In addition, the inclusion of the sign “Ophiuchus” in the horoscope would violate the entire harmony of the sequence of constellations corresponding to 12 months of the year.

Note that this attempt by American scientists to introduce "Ophiuchus" as the 13th sign of the zodiac is not the first. In 2011 they also announced the need to overhaul the modern zodiac system, but to no avail. Even so, astrologers have been studying the question of the likelihood of the introduction of a new zodiac sign for the last 5 years and I have to say that opinions are divided among them. There is a group of scientists who are categorically against change.They explain their point of view by saying that "Ophiuchus" is an invisible constellation that cannot be distinguished as a separate sign. It can only be taken into account if horoscopes are set up as the 13th house, in which the sun is located for two weeks, and covers the last week of November and the first week of December. Hence, the role of the serpentine constellation in astrology can be considered controversial. However, if it is officially recognized as a new zodiac sign, we will let you know about its meaning and properties.

Zodiac sign Ophiuchus: meaning and dates

The constellation Ophiuchus is depicted on the star map as a man entwined with a snake. According to ancient legends, this man is the god of healing from Asclepius, who healed people from deadly diseases with snake venom. It can be found between two signs of the zodiac - Scorpio and Sagittarius. As a result, the dates of the standard bearer fall on a few days in November and December, namely for the period from November 30th to December 17th (a total of 14 days). In accordance with these changes, the dates of other zodiac have changed slightly:

Capricorn constellation from January 19th to February 15th;
Vodoleev - from February 16 to March 11;
Pisces - from March 12th to April 18th;
Aries - from April 19 to May 13;
Taurus - from May 14th to June 19th;
Twins - from June 20 to July 20;
Rakov - from July 21 to August 9;
Lviv - from August 10 to September 15;
Dev - from September 16 to October 30;
Libra - from October 31 to November 22;
Scorpios - November 23-29;
Ophiuchus - November 30th to December 17th;
Streltsov - from December 18 to January 18.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign "Ophiuchus"

Because the constellation of Ophiuchus is special, people born in the days of its patronage are endowed with a special mission. Astrologers say that life is not easy for the owners of the zodiac sign "Ophiuchus" because they often have to sacrifice themselves and their interests for the good of other people. Clairvoyants and healers should be sought under the serpentines. It is easy to spot superpowers in such people because they have a special mark on their body (usually on their back, stomach or lower back) - moles that are in the shape of the letter "Y". These moles are the same size, not red or plump. They look like ordinary small spots on the skin.

Indeed, serpentines are "servants of the people". Therefore, it is believed that those born on the dates of Ophiuchus (November 30th to December 17th) are the lucky ones who are guaranteed to have the gates of Paradise open after leaving the other world. In addition, selflessness and giftedness are attributed to the characteristics of Ophiuchus as the 13th sign of the zodiac. The serpentines are the makers of great things on planet earth and the fighters who fight their dark and light sides all their lives. And the side that wins as a result of this struggle will be such an Ophiuchus man. This is why you need to be extremely careful when handling serpentine. You must have a conversation with either the embodiment of the greatest evil or a heavenly angel. If you have linked your fate to a person born on the dates of Ophiuchus, you risk either ruining it or vice versa. This is the peculiarity of the zodiac sign Ophiuchus - it brings happiness to some and pain and disappointment to others.

Those who, according to the Ophiuchus horoscope, are constantly on the move and have not lived in one place for a long time. In life he meets a lot of people of different status. With each of them, the serpentine manages to build relationships - either friendly, hostile, or romantic. Of course, it is not worth making an enemy in the face of the snake, because those who, according to the horoscope, are Ophiuchus are very vengeful. If you hurt them, they will hurt you for life.

Ophiuchus are fearless and risky people. They can be considered as born in a shirt as snipers can step out of any dangerous situation without a single scratch. In addition, people born on the dates of Ophiuchus are lovers of entertainment and pleasure. They know how to relax and enjoy life well. Astrologers claim that the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus is also special in that only love can conquer it. If a person born under the auspices of a serpentine falls in love and angry, they can be reborn as good and bright, or vice versa.

Female serpentines have special properties. Astrologers claim that they are very cunning and vengeful by nature. They have highly developed intuition, excessive suspicion is inherent in them, they are constantly looking for lies and always finding them, so it is impossible to deceive them. However, female serpentines have one important positive trait. In a relationship, they are loyal and can become a real friend to their loved one.

Which signs of the zodiac are serpentines compatible with?

Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces have the most chance of building a happy relationship with Ophiuchus. Scorpios have less chance. Astrologers claim that there can be a marriage of convenience between Ophiuchus and Scorpio. The rest of the zodiac signs with the snake will either be bored or scared.

Stones suitable for serpentine

  1. Gagat is a stone that frees the serpentine from doubts and nightmares.
  2. Zircon gives the serpentines physical and mental strength;
  3. Beryl is the best amulet for people born under the constellation Ophiuchus.
  4. Almandine - heals your soul and body;
  5. Turquoise will help you achieve your goals quickly.
  6. Sapphire serpentines give wisdom and foresight;
  7. Serpentine is an amulet for everyone who was born on the day of Ophiuchus.

Famous people who are serpentine according to the horoscope

If you count the calendar using 13 zodiac constellations, you can calculate which of the celebrities of history and modern times was born under the constellation Ophiuchus. If we know their names and the main features of the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus, we can already determine whether these people have completed the mission that Ophiuchus gave them.

Among the celebrities who, according to the horoscope, are serpentines:

  • Soichiro Honda - born on November 17th. He founded the company of the same name, is a famous Japanese engineer and industrialist.
  • Danny de Vito - also born on November 17th - became one of the most popular American film actors.
  • Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre - born on November 18th. Is considered one of the founders of photography.
  • Eldar Ryazanov - born on November 18. He entered the history of Russian cinema as a talented film director, screenwriter, playwright and poet.
  • Mikhail Lomonosov - born on November 19. Everyone knows his name from school. He went down in history as a Russian natural scientist of worldwide importance.
  • Indira Gandhi was born on November 19th. As Prime Minister of this country at the end of the 20th century, she made an important contribution to the political development of India.
  • Calvin Klein - born on November 19th - is a well-known American trendsetter. His name has become a world famous brand.
  • Maya Plisetskaya was born on November 20. Excellent prima ballet in the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR.
  • Voltaire - born on November 21st - is a classic in French literature.
  • Vladimir Dal - was born on November 22nd. He is the author of the famous "Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language".
  • Dale Carnegie - born November 24th. Famous American psychologist.
  • Alexander Maslyakov - born on November 24. Famous Russian TV presenter KVN.
  • Bruce Lee - born November 27th. Popular film actor and Chinese martial arts reformer.
  • Boris Grebenshchikov - born November 27. Famous Russian musician.
  • Yulia Tymoshenko was born on November 27th. Well-known Ukrainian politician.

From this small list we can see that all the people represented in it are talented artists or politicians who have already completed their main task, if we assume that according to the horoscope they are still serpentine.

Anastasia Gridina