Certain jobs attract psychopaths

Munich - You should be careful with cooks and lawyers! According to the latest findings, there are above-average numbers of psychopaths in these professions. We show the top ten psychopath professions.

What exactly is a psychopath? Actor legend Klaus Kinski is a prime example of this - at least in Germany. (Preferred quotes "You stupid pig" and "I'll punch you in the face!") Some people might also think of Patrick Bateman, the cold and chainsaw-wielding yuppie from the movie "American Psycho".

Aside from such ideal types, of course, academic psychology has long since defined what a psychopath is. Over 40 years ago, the Canadian criminal psychologist Robert D. Hare developed a checklist on psychopathy. This reads as follows:

"Psychopaths are people [...] who are seriously disturbed, constantly violate social rules, often commit crimes and have low levels of social emotions such as compassion or remorse. Psychopaths are sometimes charmingly inconspicuous at first glance and understand it, Establishing superficial relationships. They are sometimes very manipulative in order to achieve their goals. Psychopaths often lack long-term goals, they are impulsive and irresponsible. Psychopathy is often associated with antisocial behaviors, so that it is often accompanied by a diagnosis of antisocial / antisocial personality disorder is provided."

Manipulative Personality? Zero compassion? Goes over corpses? If you are now thinking: "Hey! That could be our company boss!", Then there is definitely a reason. In certain professions, unscrupulousness and charismatic behavior can go a long way. For example, as a company boss or chairman of the board or as a lawyer. Think Wall Street legend Bernard Madoff, who cheated investors out of around $ 50 billion. This is what he looks like, the pinstripe psychopath.

Kevin Dutton, professor of psychology at the renowned Oxford University in England, wrote in his book "The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success" (German: "The wisdom of psychopaths: Was uns Heilige, Spione and teach serial killers how to succeed ") examines the traits that ordinary people can learn from psychopaths in order to get ahead in life. He also found out that certain professions require the skills to engage other people and to make clear decisions unaffected by feelings. And that is exactly what psychopaths have in their blood. In addition, some professions offer the possibility of exercising authority over others. Such fields of activity naturally attract people who enjoy subjugating and bossing others around.

These are the jobs of the psychopath

At the other end of the character spectrum, on the other hand, there are activities that generally keep psychopaths away like holy water the devil. There are relatively few copies of the emotional duds among the psychotherapists or nurses. Just ask yourself: How long would a psychologist à la Klaus Kinski be able to hold out who hurled at the party: "You have someone on the gossip, you asshole!"?

And here it is: the list of professions that psychopaths run in their blood - followed by the professions for which psychopaths are rather unsuitable.



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