Which plant stores food in the roots

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Plants can do something that animals and humans cannot: namely, produce their own nutrients. This process is called photosynthesis. What do plants live on? In order to produce nutrients, the plant needs water, minerals, carbon dioxide and light. They absorb the carbon dioxide from the air. The plant gets its water and minerals through its roots. The green parts of the plant contain a green dye, the leaf green or chlorophyll. The plant can build up glucose from leaf green, water and carbon dioxide. Dextrose is very rich in energy and vital for the plant. Photosynthesis In order to build up glucose, the plant needs energy. The leafy green captures the energy of the sunlight. The process by which the plant uses light to convert water and minerals into glucose and oxygen, thereby generating oxygen, is called photosynthesis. Only the green parts of the plant - i.e. those that contain leaf green - can carry out photosynthesis. Plants generate oxygen A small part of the oxygen produced during photosynthesis is inhaled by the plant itself. The remaining oxygen is released into the environment. Humans, animals and plants need this oxygen to breathe. Plants produce more nutrients than they need. They convert the glucose into starch (e.g. potatoes), protein (e.g. beans) or fat (e.g. walnuts) and store the nutrients. These can be used as food by humans and animals. Thus, without plants, no life on earth would be possible! Plants provide cooling and good air. The water that the plant does not need is released into the environment through stomata as water vapor. This process is called transpiration. In this way the plant provides cooling. The humidity increases. Perhaps you have already noticed that the air is simply better in rooms with lots of plants? A1 –W– Label the "basic equation" of photosynthesis. The words in the box will help you. Water and minerals Dextrose ■ Oxygen Carbon dioxide B1 With photosynthesis, plants not only feed - it is important for life all over the world. B2 Basic equation of photosynthesis A2 –S– Why can't plants photosynthesize at night? Write down your thoughts. v Leaf green sunlight 134 Photosynthesis - the nutrition of the plant For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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