What happens when gods are forgotten

Deadlands: Noir - The Wrath of Forgotten Gods

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Now there it is, my first One sheet Adventure. In the beginning I found it a little difficult when our editor-in-chief Roger asked me to write something on the subject of "Foreign Cultures". I wasn't sure where to start as my articles so far have been limited to reviews and articles on technical tools.

Fortunately, an instance from German television came to my aid here: a crime scene which played in Finland and which covered some elements of local mythology. Then I knew: a little adventure with a dash of foreign cultures - that's something.

But what culture should be part of the plot? Arabic culture as in Deadlands Classic: "Abracadabra“? I found that a bit clumsy, and unfortunately I have no idea about Arab culture.

But years ago I dealt with the Celtic and Germanic culture and read one or the other dark story there. So of course it made sense to orientate yourself towards it.

The setting Deadlands: Noir is of course ideal for such a small crime story with a slight horror impact. I think this genre in particular offers so many possibilities and I hope you like my modest addition. But enough of the preface, start your adventure! And if you still have time afterwards, I would of course be happy to receive your feedback. Do you want more of it? What did you like? And what not?

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Update: In the comments there are already some interesting suggestions for changing and expanding the adventure.

I wish you much fun,

Your Marc.

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