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Miracle healing

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In the Bible, they actually happen all the time. You could say they are Jesus' trademarks: miraculous healings. But are they still happening today? Wouldn't miracles be a good thing to get rid of disease?


  • There are spontaneous healings, but they are rare.
  • God sometimes gives healing on this path, but no rules or systems can be derived from this.
  • God sits at the bedside of all sick people - regardless of whether they notice it or not.
  • Asking God for attention shows that you trust him.

This is one of the things with miracles: They can neither be proven nor influenced and in most cases simply fail to appear. And even if a person is miraculously healed, who is responsible: the sick person because they are such a good person? God because he's kind? Was it God at all? Difficult - because even “bad” people can experience spontaneous healing. God could also be more generous with his goodness. When Jesus lived, God healed all the sick who were brought to Jesus. Can't God do that today too?

There is no answer to that. But obviously people are not getting spontaneously cured of their diseases all the time. In the biblical stories, miracles are always a sign that God is turning and breaking the isolation caused by illness. But miracles are not the only sign of care in the Bible either. Another possible turning of God is that he shows solidarity. That means he makes the same with the sick and suffers with them.

Is that too passive for you? Understandable. But care cannot be understood as a proxy. Accordingly, one can only experience affection as a person affected. And faith cannot be lived in retrospect, but only with trust in the future. Because even spontaneous healing is not an all-round carefree package, because in addition to thanking you, there are still questions: Why did I get sick in the first place? Why did I get well, and not someone else? If I get sick again, will God heal me?

How can you deal with miracle healings now? In any case, you can ask for attention - and even miracles. Because in this request there is a lot of trust that God can intervene. Equipped with this hope, you can face all the steps that are necessary in the course of an illness (operations, therapies, etc.). Perhaps God is miraculously interfering with recovery. In any case, God is at your sick bed and stands by you.


Source: James 5:15


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Source: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900–44), French aviator and writer



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