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Job addiction - When work is addictive

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Can You Really Be Addicted to Work? Completely unimaginable for most of those not affected, as most employees count the days until the next weekend on Monday. But for many it is very different: Work faster and more perfectly, often 12-16 hours a day. There is no such thing as a "no", instead you can be used universally, preferably even on weekends and on public holidays. The short night is initiated with stimulants so that you can even fall asleep. The following article shows what work addiction really is and how to get out of this dangerous spiral.

The symptoms of workaholism

People who are addicted to work (or workaholic in English) are those who, in addition to their normal working hours, also spend a large part of their free time, or even all of their free time, including weekends or holidays, with work. This type of addiction is a problem that can be found in all walks of life. What is insidious about it is that the problem is often not recognized immediately. The work addict initially appears successful and active. But at some point it turns out that he can no longer live without his mountains of files, the working days are getting longer and more intensive. In the case of work addicts, just like other addictions, adrenaline is released. The adrenaline rush comes when the employee is actually completely overwhelmed. A dangerous vicious circle begins in which family and friends are usually at the bottom. In addition, you damage your own health to the worst: constant stress up to burnout, lonliness, lack of concentration, chronic headaches, high blood pressure, depression, heart attack or stomach ulcers can be devastating consequences of this addiction.

Am i addicted to work?

You mean, working hard can't be a bad thing? You're right. And that is why it is often difficult to see when the limit has been reached, when there is simply too much of a good thing. As long as the work is fun, everything is fine. It becomes dubious when work becomes the only meaning in life. When everything just revolves around work. Once that happens, you should take a self-test.

Ask yourself the following questions and try to answer as honestly as possible:

  • How often do I take my work home with me?
  • How often do I think about work in my free time?
  • How much time do I have left for my family and friends? When was the last time I did something with them?
  • How often do I postpone or interrupt my vacation because I am simply indispensable? Or how often do I take work home with me on vacation?
  • How quickly does the blanket fall on my head at home if I have nothing to do?

What can be done about work addiction?

There is no medication for this type of addiction, but there is still a remedy. The first step is self-knowledge and the desire and will to fight against addiction. Often one is so deeply caught in the spiral of addiction that self-help is no longer of any use. Once the time has come, one should not be afraid to get professional help in the form of therapies or to go to self-help groups, as this can help to track down the true motives for work addiction.
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