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Annoying Spam Calls: What To Do About Unwanted Advertising Calls

FAQ: Spam calls

What is a spam call?

Here you can read in detail how spam calls are defined by the Federal Network Agency.

How do I recognize unauthorized advertising calls?

It is always a question of spam calls if you have not agreed to be contacted by the respective provider by telephone for advertising purposes. The legislature prohibits this unwanted advertising.

How can I take action against unwanted telephone advertising?

You have the option of reporting a spam call to the Federal Network Agency. You can read in detail here how to proceed.

Special advice on telephone advertising

Suspected spam: at best not accepting calls

Phone calls can be different Emotions trigger. We look forward to some conversations, we would prefer to avoid others. Which, however, almost always negative emotions causes are Spam calls.

It is about Phone callswhere the other party tries to Promotion of specific products close. This happens without consent of the called party, it is a Administrative offense.

But how will Spam calls actually sanctioned? What can you to do, If you unwanted advertising calls receive? The following guide gets to the bottom of these questions and provides you with comprehensive information.

What is phone spam?

The term Spam describes according to Duden "Massive unwanted messages sent by e-mail or similar channels". A similar path is, for example, the Spam callthat many people in Germany receive every day.

On their website defines the Federal Network Agency the Phone spam as follows:

Telephone spam is any improper use of telephone numbers that occurs over the telephone. This applies to both the landline network and the cellular network. An improper use of a phone number is assumed, for example, if unwanted advertising occurs through a call or the sending of an SMS, to which the consumer has not given prior consent. The aim of the call or SMS is to encourage the consumer to contact a given or advertised number.

So it's kind of like a telephone harassment for advertising purposeswhich not infrequently lead to a Cost trap become. Such calls are only in Germany allowedif the called party has received the consent to use his phone number for Advertising purposes has granted. The consent can, however revoke at any time become.

Unauthorized Telephone Advertising: Different Methods

Next to the Spam call there are still other methodshow you can be unintentionally harassed on the phone by various providers. In the following, we will introduce you to two of these meshes that have the goal of consumer the To pull money out of your pocket:

  • Ping calls: Your phone rings for a brief moment, then lays the caller immediately again on.
  • Profit notifications: You receive a call in which you are through a Computer voice you are told that you are with a Competition won would have. The computer voice will then ask you for a calling an expensive number. As a rule, there is no actual profit.

Spam Calls: How Can You Protect Yourself?

Avoid spam calls, is more difficult than it first sounds. If you are contacted again and again by the same number, you can find it in the Block your phone's settings. This is possible with all common providers.

You should also have your Do not give away phone numberif this is not absolutely necessary. If there are many registrations with different providers, it is sufficient if you have one E-mail address deposit. The Phone number is mostly optional.

Important: If you are repeatedly harassed by a provider with spam calls, you should study the essentials Key data to the calls and the content of conversations write down. This is very useful when you have the Report unauthorized telephone advertising to the Federal Network Agency want.

Report a spam call to the Federal Network Agency

Have you a Received a spam calleven though you are the appropriate company no permission have given you to contact you with commercial calls, you can use this case in the Report to the Federal Network Agency.

In order for this to act against unauthorized advertising calls, you need a few Information from you:

  • Your personal data included Date and time of the call
  • Phone number of the caller if this was shown on the display
  • Caller's name or the company that contacted you
  • Productsadvertised as part of the spam call
  • As detailed as possible Description of the course of the conversation

The Complaint to the Federal Network Agency can you on-line about a form Submit. You can also print out a complaint form, fill it out, and then by post Send to the Federal Network Agency.

Important: If you receive a call with the purpose of finding out your personal data and it is a trickster, the Federal Network Agency is not responsible. It is then a criminal offense that you can report to the police.

Can a spam call result in a fine?

Spam calls are legal in Germany forbidden. It is a unreasonable nuisance. In this case it takes effect ยง 7 paragraph of the law against unfair competition (UWG):

1) A commercial act by which a market participant is unreasonably harassed is inadmissible. This applies in particular to advertising, although it can be seen that the addressed market participant does not want this advertising.

(2) Unreasonable harassment is always to be assumed

1. in the case of advertising using a means of commercial communication that is not listed in numbers 2 and 3 and is suitable for distance selling, through which a consumer is persistently addressed, although he clearly does not want this;

2. in the case of advertising with a telephone call to a consumer without his prior express consent or to another market participant without his at least presumed consent,

3. in the case of advertising using an automatic call machine, a fax machine or electronic mail without the prior express consent of the addressee, or [...]

This legal basis enables the Federal Network Agency Spam calls with oneSanction a fine. It is a Administrative offense. A violation of the ban on unauthorized telephone advertising can result in a fine of up to 300,000 euros be sanctioned.

If the Call number withheld, the person in charge must be fined up to 10,000 euros calculate.

Interesting: In July 2020, the Federal Network Agency informed the mobilcom-debitel GmbH a fine of 145,000 euros pronounced for unauthorized advertising calls. The company had contacted customers for advertising purposes without their consent and wanted them to Take out a new subscription assume.

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Annoying Spam Calls: What To Do About Unwanted Advertising Calls
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