What is the first sign of termites

As small as they may be: termites eat wood and can destroy entire apartments. Why you should act quickly if you suspect termites.

In Africa, they are an important source of food not only for birds, reptiles and other insects: they are also a good source of protein for humans. But in our regions they are considered pests - and rightly so. Once the insects have established themselves in an apartment or house, they eat their way through every wooden board they can find - and can thus make entire houses uninhabitable.

Recognize termite infestation and act quickly

Another problem: termites multiply very quickly. It is therefore extremely important to be able to spot a termite infestation quickly. There are yellowish spots and small holes in the wood, you should be puzzled. Termites prefer to eat pine, cypress, kapok, balsa and alder - you should keep an eye on these woods.

If you are unsure whether termites really live in your own apartment, you should ask the exterminator for advice. If the suspicion is confirmed, there are the following ways to get rid of the pests, as reported by the women's portal Brigitte, among others:

  • Termite traps: Termites eat wood and cellulose - one self-made trap from cardboard may be worth a try. Simply cut up cardboard, moisten it, stack it on top of each other and place it in a place where you suspect the termites. Will the insects make the cardboard trap a new home? Then it has to be removed from the apartment. Repeat this process until no more termites are nesting.

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  • Nematodes: These Roundworms render termites harmless because they nest in the termite larvae and kill them.
  • Sun: Termites don't like sunlight at all - if portable furniture or wooden parts are infested, just carry them outside in summer and leave them in the for a few days blazing sun stand.
  • cold: Also frosty temperatures mean death for termites.
  • Boric acid: The insecticide harms termites by damaging their nervous system and thus leading to death. If you suspect a termite infestation, coat a piece of wood or cardboard with boric acid.

If not just a few pieces of furniture are infected, but entire walls and floors, the specialist must be alerted. Just one Exterminator can then still remedy the situation.

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