How do you cure all diseases

How you can activate your self-healing powers!

Your body is a powerful instrument: the more you explore your psychological depths and stress factors, the better you can activate your self-healing powers and resolve blockages - we will tell you how to do this here.

You probably know that too: If you are stressed and feel a lot of pressure, you get sick faster and more often. And vice versa, you are much fitter if you are satisfied and happy. So mind and body seem to be closely related. But what many do not know: Our body has strong self-healing powers with which it can "make" itself healthy. The power of thoughts can protect our body and support healing in cases of illness. Does that sound like esoteric to you? Activate self-healing powers - we'll tell you how it works and how conventional medicine and the power of thought can interact.

Self-healing powers: what is it actually?

Admittedly, self-healing powers somehow sound like magic at first - but basically this actually describes everything that helps the body to make itself healthy again. Your own inner doctor, so to speak. This has nothing to do with esotericism, but means in concrete terms, for example: bones grow together again themselves after a break, the body kills bacteria and germs, a wound closes by itself. According to an English doctor named Coleman, the body should be able to heal 90% of diseases itself.

However, this self-healing is influenced by certain circumstances - for example from the outside through invading germs or from the inside through psychological stress. Negative thoughts can inhibit the self-healing process. These overwhelm the self-healing process, your own strength is no longer sufficient to defend yourself and the result can be diseases.

Conversely, this also means that positive thoughts can support the healing process. Scientists have long been convinced that there is a connection between mind and body and that self-healing is a useful addition to conventional medicine. The subject area is called Psychoneuro-Immunology.

A famous example of self-healing: the placebo effect

The well-known placebo effect shows what influence the psyche has on our body. In medicine, this means that patients are given sham medicine that does not contain any active ingredient. And yet, after taking this ineffective drug, the majority of patients feel their symptoms are relieved afterwards. Why? Just thinking that the body is getting help activates a self-healing process and reduces suffering.

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Reduce mental stress & activate the body's self-healing powers

Self-healing powers do not mean that one should always rely solely on one's own body mechanisms in the event of an illness. The way to the doctor is essential for the correct diagnosis and in some cases also vital for survival. In general, however, people estimate their self-healing powers to be too low and resort to medication far too quickly.

The body is naturally equipped with self-healing mechanisms that are under the influence of your thoughts, feelings and your spirit. This healing power can only work when the nervous system is in parasympathetic mode. This parasympathetic nervous system is distributed throughout the body and ensures that the person is in a state of rest. His “opponent”, the sympathetic nervous system, on the other hand, puts people in stress mode. And in this phase all healing processes are paralyzed. The result: illnesses and exhaustion.

Stress is therefore the greatest saboteur of self-healing. We are all exposed to a lot of stress from work, family and specially created pressure. Usually, however, this is limited to individual situations and disappears after a while. But if stress becomes permanent, it blocks our self-healing powers. The body then uses the energy primarily to keep the stress hormones in check and not, which is much more important, to protect the body from pathogens.

Strengthen self-healing powers & activate inner strength: This is how it works!

Self-healing through thoughts only works if you pay attention to your emotional balance. You can train to experience the state of relaxation for longer: Of course, hardly anyone manages to completely prevent stress, but with a few tips you can definitely reduce the moments of stress to a minimum.

  • Do not suppress, but listen: Listen to your body's signals and treat them carefully. Don't push away negative feelings, but actively work with them. In this way you can loosen blockages and maybe even find a cause for your illness.

  • Laughter makes you healthy: Sounds so simple, but it's true. Laughing releases happiness hormones and at the same time lowers stress hormones. The body can then better assert itself against pathogens.

  • Reduce stress: We already know that if you have too much stress, you hinder your self-healing process. Therefore try to reduce your everyday stress as much as possible. Resting times, sport, mindfulness training, meditation or yoga can help.

  • Nutrition: In order to create the right defenses against diseases, you have to take in important nutrients, especially vitamins. In this way you strengthen your immune system and thus your self-healing powers.

  • Sleep is the best medicine: Most of the healing processes take place at night. So if you sleep well and enough, you can put an end to minor illnesses quickly.

  • Moments of happiness and joie de vivre: Consciously surround yourself with things that make you happy. These can be people, but also hobbies, films or music that you know will be good for you.

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