How old is God and Jesus

God sent Jesus Christ to people

(Elementary Catechesis 4)

God wants the divisions between people and with him to be overcome. That is why he sent Jesus Christ to exemplify this and so conquer the sin of the world.

Jesus of Nazareth lived in Israel around 2000 years ago. He was the son of Maria and the recognized son of the carpenter Josef.

He proclaimed the kingdom of God through words and deeds. He healed diseases, cast out demons, made sinners repent, performed miracles. He has called people to be with him and to follow him. His disciples learned from him what God is like. In all his life Jesus did the will of God. He died and rose again when he was about 33 years old.

He called God "Father" in a very confidential way that only a son does. He was and is as close to God the Father as only a son can be.

And so it is he who shows the way to God; yes: he himself is the way, the truth and the life.

Suggestion for deepening:

Learn more about Jesus.

Suggestion for practice:

Look at pictures and representations of Jesus (in churches, on postcards) and consider what they convey (above all: the cross as a Christian symbol of love that overcomes death)


At that time Jesus said:

I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth,

because you hid it all from the wise and clever,

but revealed to minors.

Yes, father, you liked it that way.

Everything was given to me by my father;

nobody knows the son, only the father

and nobody knows the father, only the son

and the one to whom the son will reveal it.

(Mt 11: 25-27)

He is the image of the invisible God,

the firstborn of all creation.

(Col 1.15)

He is the reflection of his glory

and the image of his being.

(Heb 1,3)

Because God loved the world so much

that he gave his only son,

so that everyone who believes in him

does not perish, but has eternal life.

(John 3:16)

But when the time was fulfilled

God sent his son

born of a woman and subject to the law,

so that he may set those who are under the law free,

and that we may have sonship.

But because you are sons and daughters,

God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts,

the spirit that calls: Abba, father.

(cf. Gal 4,4-6)


Jesus, man among men

Man with a story

with date of birth and cause of death,

with skin color and nationality,

with speaker talent and moral courage

and with a claim!


committed to the people,

for all, without exception, all,

friendly to the unfriendly,

grieved for the miserable

and relentless towards

moral swindlers

and religious gamblers!


who goes his way

from Bethlehem to Jerusalem,

from the crib to the cross,

who paves the way there,

where there is no way out

and the the gap

between God and man

makes you overcome!

Who should we believe

who if not you!

We believe you when you say:

"Whoever sees me sees the father."

We believe you are showing us

what father we have,

because you became our brother.

(Josef Dirnbeck)