How do you configure T Mobile MMS

How to configure your mobile phone for MMS

Take pictures and videos and send them via MMS
Photo: Telekom Anyone who wants to send messages via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) needs certain access data from the respective network operator. The data are often preset by the manufacturer. If this is not the case, the first time the user logs into the network with a SIM card, he usually receives a configuration SMS from his cell phone provider, with which he can automatically take over the access data. Otherwise it is possible to enter the data manually into the mobile phone.

If the mobile network provider does not automatically send the configuration data or if the user has accidentally deleted the message, the mobile network provider offers the user the option of requesting this data SMS again via SMS or via the Internet.

Request configuration data via SMS

T-Mobile:   Short message with the content "handytyp.modell # mms" (e.g. "Nokia.6600 # mms" for the Nokia 6600) to the speed dial number 2330
Vodafone:Short message with the content "Mobile phone type MMS" (e.g. "7650 MMS" or "T300 MM MMS") to the speed dial 2255
o2:Short message with empty content to speed dial 80100

Request configuration data via the web

T-Mobile:Enter the mobile phone type and model in the T-Mobile configuration center and send the request. You will then receive your configuration data by SMS. The configuration is confirmed by pressing the OK button and the mobile phone configures itself automatically.
Vodafone:You will find the so-called Vodafone-HandyKonfigurator on the Vodafone website in the Help & Support area. Here you log in with your phone number and Internet password for MeinVodafone. Then specify the type of mobile phone and request the MMS configuration as a data SMS.
o2:You can enter your own phone number in the area under "Mobile phone settings". You will then receive the MMS configuration as a data SMS.
E-Plus /
Enter your mobile phone number with area code in the help area for MMS from E-Plus or Base. Then select the type of mobile phone and request the MMS configuration as a data SMS.

Once the user has made the configuration, he can send MMS messages to his own as well as to other mobile networks. Even abroad, whether on vacation or on a business trip, the user does not have to make any additional settings as long as he is logged into networks with which his provider has agreed an agreement on GPRS roaming.

MMS configuration at Telekom and Vodafone

MMS configurationTelecomVodafone
User namet-mobilenot mandatory
passwordtmnot mandatory
MMS proxy address172.028.023.131139.007.029.017
MMS proxy port800880
Status: April 2016

MMS configuration for E-Plus / Base and o2

MMS configurationE-pluso2
User namemmsnot mandatory
passwordeplusnot mandatory
MMS proxy address212.023.097.15382.113.100.5
MMS proxy port50808080
Message server-
Status: April 2016

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