Why do some trees bleed when they fell?

Mediation for tree care and pruning in Vienna and the surrounding area

Tree felling and pruning: Would you like professional service?

The pruning shears are quickly attached and the kinked branch removed. But what if a storm has caused a lot of damage? When a tree has to be cut so that it even gets the desired shape, or when Tree felling are necessary? Fruit trees need to be pruned so that they will bear plenty of fruit? Then it depends on a professional knowledge that not every hobby gardener can call his own. This is where our team or our nursery partner company comes into play, which deals with the Tree care knows very well.

Tree care at any time of the year in Vienna and Lower Austria

Do you know which tree can be cut after flowering or after harvest? When does the sap shoot in and the tree can even bleed to death when it is cut? If you are unsure, you should get professional help. Our partner company is there for you when it comes to the Tree care in Vienna is possible when a tree pruning is necessary or even when clearing is desired. It goes without saying that our horticultural partner companies are not only familiar with tree science, they also know which legal requirements must be observed with regard to tree felling and pruning. You are not allowed to fell a tree at any time of the year, some trees are under protection or may only be felled if you undertake compensatory planting. We will provide you with experienced gardeners who will take care of all aspects of this work and also take on the annoying paperwork for you if certain applications are necessary.

Felling trees - commission a comprehensive service from our partner nurseries

We provide you with professionals! Our partners take care of the root removal and the removal of leaves, can remove branches and cut down entire trees - they are on the spot quickly and cheaply whenever you need the services. Just give us a call - we are available for you seven days a week and will find you the perfect gardener! We would be happy to make an appointment with you, our partners will also come and see you on weekends or Sundays. Short-term appointments are also possible, which is very important after a storm damage, for example. Our partner companies create a non-binding offer for the desired services, based on the free initial inspection of your tree population.

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