How come only teenagers get hickey

Make hickey yourself - this is how it works

Not everyone is proud of a hickey. One is ashamed and hides it, the other shows off. If you really want one, you can even make it yourself. That's how it's done ...

What is a hickey anyway?

In America it is called "hickey", in France it is called "suςon" (from "sucking"). If you want to make a hickey, it helps to understand what is behind the term.

From a medical point of view, a hickey is nothing more than a hematoma, i.e. a bruise. Doctors speak of a so-called negative pressure hematoma. Unlike other bruises, the hickey is not caused by bumps or falls.

Instructions: how to make a hickey?

If you want to make a hickey, you only have to do one thing: suck. Due to the negative pressure, blood collects in the appropriate place. This causes small blood vessels to burst and a red-blue stain appears.

This works on the neck, on the shoulder and also in less visible places. It is only important that you place your lips in an O-shape on the desired body region and begin to suckle gently. The longer you suck and suckle, the more intense the result will be.

However, everyone should know their limits: if you suck and bite until you bleed, you can cause damage. Certainly the partner is then no longer enthusiastic.

Those who suck and bite too much may get into trouble with their partner. (Source: Thinkstock by Getty-Images)

Or make a hickey on yourself?

If you follow the instructions above, you can also make a hickey on yourself. That shouldn't be a problem on the arms and legs. However, you have to be careful if you want it to sit on your neck. Experts strongly advise against trying this alone - especially not with a vacuum cleaner. The skin on the neck in particular is thin and sensitive. You can do a lot of damage by making a hickey yourself.

How does a hickey go away?

After a few days, a hickey should fade on its own. If he does not do this, a visit to the doctor is advisable. If you want to do something about it immediately, you should cool the fresh hickey immediately. This at least makes it smaller.

You can also cover up hickey with makeup. Camouflage makeup, for example, works well. Due to the high density of color pigments, the stain can hardly be seen.