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Create an SPF-TXT record

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Creating an SPF record for your sending domain can help improve email deliverability results and the placement of the recipient's inbox. To create an SPF record for your sending domain, do the following:

  1. If your domain already has an SPF record, edit your existing TXT record and add the following value:

    • DNS example record:

      • Existing SPF record:

      • Updated SPF record:

  2. If your domain doesn't have an SPF record, add a new DNS record with the following parameters:

Parameter definitions for SPF-TXT data set

Here is an example of an SPF-TXT record along with definitions of the parameters:

  • v = spf1: Indicates the version of the SPF standard
  • ip4: Indicates the IP address or subnet that is authorized to send email for the domain
  • include: _spf.contoso.com: Indicates that all IP addresses that are in the SPF-TXT record of the domain _spf.contoso.com should also be included as a trusted address for that domain
  • a: Specifies that IP addresses that have been added to a DNS entry for this domain are allowed to send e-mails
  • -all: Specifies that all email messages from IP addresses not specified in this SPF record should not be accepted by the recipient


Each parameter in the SPF TXT record should be divided by a space.

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