How does SquirrelMail really work?

SquirrelMail: Emails are sent, but not received.

As the title suggests ...

Sending emails works wonderfully and the correct sender is then displayed ([email protected]). However, when I want to send an e-mail back to the address, GMX does not complain, but an e-mail never arrives.

What can that be due to? Sending goes without any problems, but the mail ends up at gmx in the SPAM folder (can you prevent that somehow?)

Have a look at /var/log/mail.log .... you should find something here with regard to sending and receiving problems.
Regarding spam --- does your ReverseDNS eg point to the FQDN of the server? That would be my first thought.

Greetings Sven
So with regard to the log file it says the following:

SCVServer dovecot: dovecot 1.0.15 starting up ....
Generating Diffing-Hellman parameters for the first time, this take a while ..
SCVServer dovecot: Killed with Signal 15 ..
That's all that is in it from May 24th, 6:33 pm ...

Sending the mails worked in any case. Regarding SPAM, I still have to look.

The first thing you should do is bend your domain correctly.
I think that a lot of problems will go away by themselves.
Because: Since your is still not available, no emails can be found there. GMX tries 48 hours only then comes an error message.

Your mails also end up in SPAM, because GMX cannot check whether your mail really comes from the specified server. Take a look at the header of the mail and you will see that.

Hi first,

the topic here is a bit older, but I have the same problem

SquirrelMail: Emails are sent, but not received. !!

What do you mean by that == >> You should first bend your domain correctly.
I think that many problems will then resolve themselves. ???

Hope who can help me?

Dark star
Well, whether you have the same problem remains to be seen

What does your mail log get for?
Look at the time where you send an email and where a mail should arrive.
What happens to the emails that don't arrive? Do they come back to the sender? With what error message?

Does the problem only exist with Squirrelmail or also if you call up / send mails with an email program?


PS: It is almost always advisable to start a new thread for a problem. Because actually it always turns out that this is a completely different problem
Problem has been solved !!

Was a typo when creating the email Addy
Didn't match the domain, then can't work, except when a subdomaine is created

Thanks anyway!
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