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16-17 (at the beginning of the Boo saga), 21 (Dragon Ball Super), 27 (end of Dragon Ball Z), 32-33 (Dragon Ball GT)

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Videl is Mr. Satan's only daughter and a gifted fighter. At the age of 7, she was the junior winner of the 24th big tournament. In her free time and even during school she uses her fighting talents to fight crime, which gives her a very good reputation with the people and enjoys a high level of popularity.

Videl's story

Later, Videl reveals Son-Gohan as the Great Saiyaman. Before the 25th major tournament, she learns to fly from Gohan. He also advises them to conveniently cut their hair short. When she appears at the next training session, Son Goten initially mistakenly mistook her for a boy.

Her first opponent in the 25th big tournament is Spopowitsch to whom she loses with serious injuries. Goku then procures magic beans and Gohan brings them to her to recover. After she has recovered from the injuries, she wants to accompany Gohan to Babidi's hiding place. Gohan agrees, even if he would prefer not to take her with him, as he knows how dangerous it is there. A short time later she realizes that she is a block on Kibito and Gohan because she cannot fly any faster. So she turns around and later meets Goten and Trunks who are on their way to the demon Boo.

Later she joins Bulma Briefs, Yamcha, Muten Roshi, C18, Krillin & Co, who are looking for the Dragon Balls. Bulma wants to revive the people who Vegeta killed in his attack on the stands. Videl joined them to see the sacred dragon Shenlong. In the remaining episodes of the saga, she is with the others at God's palace, as this is the only place where they are safe from Boo. This is also the time when Goku tells the others what has become of Vegeta and Gohan. Videl cannot believe that Gohan is supposed to be dead and is firmly convinced that he is still alive. After the evil parted with Boo and took on its own form, he absorbed the kind Boo. Then he located the others in God's palace and transformed all but Piccolo, Son-Goten, Trunks and Dende into chocolate. Videl then found himself in the afterlife and looked for Gohan with Chichi, Bulma and Dabra. During the final Son-Goku vs. Boo battle, she and the others were revived at Dende von Polunga's request.

Gohan and Videl later marry and have a daughter, Pan.

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Background information

Dragon Ball GT

In Dragon Ball GT, Videl has long hair again, which she has tied into a plait. She is married to Gohan and lives with him and her daughter Pan. She gave up fighting for a long time and became a housewife. Videl has become much calmer and more relaxed, which can be seen in her voice, which sounds much softer. Together with Gohan and Bulma, she is building the spaceship for Goku, Trunks and Goths. Later, she and Gohan notice that Pan has sneaked into the spaceship. When Son Goku and Pan return to earth, Videl and everyone else on earth are controlled by Baby. When Pan wanted to give the medicine to people so they could heal themselves, Videl beat her own daughter and even wanted to kill her with Gohan as she was under baby's control. She was later healed by the holy water. Videl still kept her old fighting spirit, e.g. when Super C17 shows up, she disguised herself in Big Saiyan woman again and wants to fight him with Chichi. But they come too late because Son Goku and C18 have already defeated him.

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