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Training partner smartphone: apps for your training

Sports and smartphones

One hears again and again that smartphones are to blame for a reduced attention. Admittedly, this prejudice may be true for some, but smartphones (used correctly) can also help you achieve your sporting goals. No matter whether you want to lose weight or just want to get fitter. There are now suitable apps for pretty much every sport and every training level. The best thing about it? With all of the sports and fitness apps presented here for your workout, you can easily train at home, because most apps do not need expensive additional devices at all. Because not everyone likes to pay a monthly fee for sweaty, constantly manned devices or the feeling of being watched. Of course, when you use your smartphone while exercising, you should be careful not to drop it on the floor or get it wet. You can find out how you can protect your smartphone while cycling, for example, in our articleHow I protect my smartphone while cycling.

No time for sport?

Is your schedule filled to the brim with all kinds of obligations? Many of the following sports and fitness apps for your workout rely on short, compressed training units that you can complete quickly between two appointments. Exercise is no longer a problem, even with busy schedules!

1. Perfect Workout - Free Fitness

The first of the sports and fitness apps for your workout presented here promises to take no more than 10 minutes of your time per training session. You can download the free English-language Android app with around 150 self-weight exercises. You can put together the training yourself. If you don't know how to start, you can fall back on twelve workout combinations, which are divided into areas such as chest, legs, cardio, weight loss or yoga. Further exercises can be activated in different ways. So, you can get exercise while doing your workout or by watching short commercials.