Can hypnosis help with language learning

Hypnosis for learning could prove to be a tool for learning foreign languages ​​thanks to the increased concentration! The following statement may surprise you, but hypnosis is a condition that our brains naturally know.Can hypnosis be used to learn languages? Do you want to know more about it? Then read the following article very carefully (preferably with relaxation music in the background).

Last update: May 9, 2021

If you now think that we are talking about a pendulum and completely withdrawn students, I would rather tell you right away: Not at all!

Incidentally, sometimes we are in one State of hypnosiswithout us even realizing it. For example, when we are completely absorbed by a film. You may have experienced this before: You watched a 90-minute film, but had the impression that it lasted no more than a few minutes. This is because hypnosis allows us to focus on one thing (and, in the process, forget everything else).

Hypnosis for learning foreign languages ​​^

What a language course looks like under hypnosis ^

A language course under hypnosis is very similar to a classic course: a teacher reads a text once, twice, three times, and finally comes back to the key expressions and important grammar in the text. And then, over the course of the last few minutes, the teacher is available to answer questions from the students. So what makes a language course under hypnosis different?

The difference in language learning through hypnosis is on the side of the students: They don't sit on a chair, but rather lie on a relaxing armchair with relaxing music in the background or playing through their headphones. And while you are following the language course, you are in one complete relaxation and rest ... in other words: under hypnosis. Some people probably also use this opportunity to get into a state of sleep. But don't worry, loud of the teacher and hypnotherapist Richard Grandisson from the Collège de ParisThe brain continues to process information even during sleep“.


What does hypnosis bring to learning languages? ^

First of all, you should know that one does not learn through hypnosis, but through the teacher (Hypnotherapist). Hypnosis only serves as a means theImmerse students in a state of relaxation that is supposed to facilitate learning. Through the state of relaxation, the students can free themselves from possible fears: They are no longer afraid of daring themselves or making mistakes. So you are more willing to learn.

Another important point: During a learning session under hypnosis, the students are not unconscious. You are fully aware of the fact that you are currently taking a language course. On the contrary, in a state of hypnosis one often speaks of Superconscious or Surveillance (hypervigilance). The students are focused solely on what the teacher is saying. you are in spirit fully on the course and are not distracted by things to the left and right of them (under the pretext that they shouldn't forget to buy bread on the way home or that they still have to cook for the children in the evening). They only focus on what they hear and forget about the rest. And this is how you learn ... but how exactly?


Hypnosis for learning or “re-education of the hearing field” ^

You have to know that hypnotherapists like Richard Grandisson or the Psychotherapist Pascal Dilly seldom talk about learning, but rather from the Re-education of the hearing field.
From the age of 7 our ear freezes and closes itself to all pitches that it does not know. So our ears also refuse to hear English, Portuguese or Chinese. The idea behind a language course under hypnosis is therefore above all, to get our ears used to hearing new tones again. It's about stimulating it so that it can distinguish between new, unfamiliar pitches and frequencies.

So hypnotherapeutic teachers teach languages ​​in a similar way that parents teach their children their mother tongue (s). When learning languages ​​through hypnosis, the student memorizes sounds, much more so than words or their meanings that he absolutely wants to understand. So the most important thing is listening. For this reason, listening is also key when learning under hypnosis. Only later, after the course, do the students look at the expressions used in the lesson and the grammar in the foreign language they have learned (after hypnosis).

In summary it can be said that Hypnosis a learning tool is: through it we can relax, relax and concentrate on one single thing, the teacher. So we don't learn through hypnosis, but through the attentive listening of the teacher. This is how we memorize tones and sounds, then words and grammar. Learning languages ​​through hypnosis - does it really work?

Incidentally, we are also working on a new, still secret, functionality that will allow users of our apps to take advantage of moments of relaxation to learn and improve ... follow us to find out more!


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