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Free graphics, backgrounds and vectors on the web

Creative Commons vector graphics

There are some free licenses, e.g. B. the the Creative Commons (CC) organization. If an image or graphic is published under a Creative Commons license, anyone can re-use the material without having to ask the author's permission.

However, certain usage rules are with the total seven different CC licenses connected. The naming of the author is always mandatory for all - with one exception. Some CC licenses allow the works to be used commercially, but not to edit them. A detailed overview of all CC licenses can be found in the advisory article on free images on the web.

Especially those CC0 license gives the user complete freedom in handling the file: with this license - in contrast to all other CC licenses - you do not even have to name the author (although this is usually still recommended and is practically good form). In addition, you can use a CC0 graphic for commercial purposes without restrictions and even modify and reuse it as you wish.

Additional free licenses for vector graphics

Creative Commons is by far the best-known form of free license - but there are also many free graphics that are licensed in other, similarly user-friendly forms. Some providers also lead its own free license. In such cases, the terms of use of the provider websites provide information on how the graphics can be used. Often there is the possibility of free use as long as one refers to the author of the graphic.

Platforms such as Freepik or Free Vectors offer two usage models for their graphics databases: As free offer without registration and as Model with registration and monthly costs. Even with the free version, you have access to the complete portfolio of the pages. However, without a payment account, you are obliged to include a link to the respective website as soon as you use a vector graphic from the database for your own website. If you opt for a paid registration, this proof is not required.

Freepik and Free Vectors are far from the only web addresses where you can get free vector graphics with a free license. Many other sites also provide graphics collections that are available under a free license and that give you a almost unlimited use allow the graphics.