Have languages ​​other than English in italics

English words in German theses

When writing your thesis, there are often English words that you want to use in the body of the text. You don't need to highlight these, but you should make sure that you use the correct spelling in German.

Integrate English words into the thesis

Basically, English words must be used in a German bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertationNot highlighted with quotation marks or italics. They are easily incorporated into the body of the text.

However, if it can be assumed that not all readers understand the English term, it should be explained briefly.

Compositions from English

For several years now, English words have been included in the German language; these are then called Anglicisms. The spelling is adjusted in German depending on the composition of the word.

Noun + nounTogetherEconomy class
Adjective + nounCutpublic relations
Verb + adverbTogether or hyphenCountdown, know-how
Lined uphyphenMultiple choice task
Abbreviations / NumbershyphenABC analysis

If you want to incorporate anglicism into your German work, you should first take a look at a (current) dictionary or the Duden. Ideally, you will already find a predefined spelling there.

Use of Articles

The article of a phrase is always based on the last component.

If the last word is in English, like Meeting, you should look it up in the dictionary. In most cases, an article has already been defined for frequently used words.