How do I find a Ukrainian bride


A marriage entered into by an Austrian citizen abroad is valid in Austria if the formal requirements of the state in which the marriage is entered into are complied with.

Therefore, if they intend to marry abroad, Austrians must contact the state authority responsible under the laws of the host country.

A registration of the marriage concluded abroad by an Austrian authority is not intended. The Austrian legal system does not provide for a marriage of Austrian citizens before the Austrian representation authorities ("consular marriage"). A marriage between an Austrian and a foreign partner before the diplomatic or consular representative of the foreign partner is only valid for Austrian law if the state in which the marriage was concluded recognizes such a form of marriage. If an Austrian citizen wants to get married abroad, he has to prove within the framework of the laws of the host country that he is not already married; this is usually done with an Austrian certificate of marital eligibility. The Austrian civil status authority (registry office) in whose area one of the fiancés has his place of residence or residence is responsible for issuing it. If none of the fiancées is domiciled or resident in Austria, the civil status authority (registry office) in whose area one of the fiancées was last domiciled in Austria is responsible. If this also does not result in responsibility, the municipality of Vienna (registry office Vienna-Brigittenau) is responsible.

If you have any questions in connection with a planned marriage in Ukraine, please contact the Ukrainian registry office where you would like to marry.

A general information sheet on the subject of marriage with a foreign element can be found under "Downloads".