It is important to be socially accepted

Social personality type

Individuals who fall into the social personality type category are committed leaders, humanistic, responsible, and supportive. They use feelings, words, and ideas to work with people instead of doing physical activity. They enjoy closeness, exchange, groups, unstructured activities and responsibility.

The social personality type solves problems through empathy

These people are friendly and competent with words and solve problems with empathy. A social personality type likes to inform, help, train, develop and heal people in his work. Their empathy and sensitivity to emotional signals help them solve problems, sometimes before others are even aware of them. You can bring people together and generate positive energy for a good cause.

A social personality type focuses on people and their concerns

People and their concerns are at the center of a social personality type. These people are sensitized to people's moods and feelings and make friends easily. Sometimes you are so focused on people's concerns that everything else is ignored. A social personality type may seem impractical, especially for the realistic types. Take a free personality test to find out more about your work preferences and yours Test personality.

Possible occupations that fit a social personality type

Their job is often to work with, communicate with, and / or teach people. Often times, these professions focus on helping or serving others. Some of the professional fields that lead to one social personality type fit are:


Helping people, being subservient, being creative, creating and designing.

Typical professions

  • Art teacher at a secondary school
  • Architecture teacher
  • Art college teacher
  • Employee leisure and education program
  • TV presenter
  • Museum employee
  • Museum guide

Helping people, being subservient, thereby organizing, arranging, proceeding precisely and reliably.

Typical professions

Social/ Entrepreneurial

Helping people, being subservient, being entrepreneurial and influential in the process.

Typical professions

Social/ Inquiring

Helping people, being subservient, being researching, problem-solving and specialized.

Typical professions


Helping people, being subservient, working outdoors, handling animals, operating machines, working with your hands, traveling, working hard.

Typical professions

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Our Personality test is based on the Holland codes developed by psychologist John L. Holland. The social personality type is one of six personality types in this model. They can also have traits from other personality types. Find out more about your work preferences and personality type and take a free job test now based on the Holland Codes.

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