Why is the internet the greatest invention

Inventor Day: The Greatest Pioneers in Internet History

Inventors Day was launched on the initiative of the Berlin entrepreneur Gerhard Muthenthaler. Since 2005, the day of remembrance has served to encourage people to believe in their ideas and inventions. We would like to introduce inventors who laid the most important cornerstones in the history of the Internet and made digital communication as we know it possible today.

Tim Berners-Lee - inventor of the World Wide Web

HTML, HTTP, URL, WWW - all these well-known technical abbreviations come from an inventor - the British physicist and computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee. During his time at the CERN nuclear research center in Switzerland, he developed the first WorldWideWeb browser in 1990. The first website info.cern.ch can still be found on the web. Berners-Lee is still a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a chair at Oxford University. It was only this week that he caused a stir in the media when he announced his “Magna Carta for the Internet”. This should make the network a better place for everyone.

Konrad Zuse - inventor of the first functional computer

After studying civil engineering, Konrad Zuse worked as a structural engineer in Berlin. Since the static calculations were very time-consuming at the time, he came up with the idea of ​​automating them and developing a “mechanical brain”. He quit his job in 1935 and built the Z1 mechanical computer in his inventor's workshop in his parents' apartment. The successor model, the Z3, is considered to be the world's first functional computer. Both computers fell victim to the bombing in Berlin.

Ray Tomlinson - inventor of the email

Last year, 848 billion emails were received and sent in Germany alone. E-mail is and will remain the most widely used means of communication. We owe that to one man - Ray Tomlinson. Even before the Internet existed, Tomlinson designed a program that was able to write, read and send electronic mail. With the email address tomlinson @ bbntenexa he sent his first email in 1971 - to himself, to the computer in the next room in Cambridge (Boston). But what was in the mail? Nobody knows exactly anymore, at that time none of those present was aware that digital history was being written.


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