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Windows 10 restore points

They find out, how to create Windows 10, delete or reset to the last restore point. How to restore the system using the restore point. With the help of a restore point, you can restore the system files of Windows 10 and the performance of the operating system, correct errors that suddenly arise, or reset the operating system to the point in time at which the restore point was created.

In Windows, restore points are automatically created once a week. A restore point is created when changes are made to the computer or notebook and when an update or driver is installed.

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How to create Windows 10 restore point

Manually create a restore point:

  1. Open the Task bar and go to the section Restoration / Setting the recovery of the operating system.

  2. click on Create in the open window System properties.

  3. In the next window, enter a description to identify the recovery point. The current date and time when the restore point was created will be added automatically.

  4. click on Create and wait for the recovery point creation process to finish.

Set up the automatic creation of the restore points:

  1. Call Task bar / administration / Task planning on.
  2. In the window on the left, choose Task Scheduler Library / Microsoft / Windows / System restore.
  3. Right click on the file SR in the upper middle window and select properties out.
  4. Select the tab Trigger in the open window.
  5. Press Create and enter the required time parameters of the creation of the restore point.

How to remove restore point from Windows 10?

Windows 10 restore points are stored on the computer's hard drive by the operating system. A certain part of the operating system is made available for these; in the course of filling the disc, the previous recovery points are deleted and new recovery points are kept instead.

The following functions are available for working with the restore points:

Delete all recovery points except the last one

  1. Right-click the drive where the recovery points are saved and select properties / Generally / Clean up.
  2. Wait for the preparing to cleanup process to finish. click on "Clean system files" and wait for the disk cleanup preparation process to complete.
  3. Press the key Clean up, in the tab Additionally, of the block System restore and shadow copying.

Delete all but the last restore point

  1. Switch to Task bar / system / System protection.
  2. Choose To adjust in the tab System protection of the window System properties.

  3. click on Clear the "You can delete all recovery points for this drive" across from.

How to restore Windows 10 from the restore point?

Danger: Restoring Windows 10 from a restore point only refers to the system and program settings of the operating system. Using the restore point will remove any programs installed after it was created and will not restore previously deleted files.

To restore Windows from a restore point, do the following:

  1. Open Task bar / Restoration / Start of the recovery system and click on Further.

  2. Select the required restore point from the list and click Further.

  3. Confirm the need to start System Restore from the restore point and the process will begin.

Where are the recovery point files located?

All accessible restore points can be found in Task bar / Restoration / Start system restore.

System restore physical files are located in the folder directory of the system disk (usually, system disk C :), in the folder System volume information. But users are not given access to the contents of this folder by default. In order to get into the folder, it is necessary to make it visible and then to receive the special rights.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch to Task bar / Control panel / Explorer parameters / view.

  2. Uncheck the parameter "Do not show protected system files" and click on Apply. The folder then appears in the folder directory of disc C :. System volume informationto which there is no access.

    To get access to the folder System volume information do the following:

    1. Right click on the folder and choose properties / security / Additionally.

    2. click on Furtherto get the right to access the Windows system folder, where the files from recovery points are kept.

    3. click on Add and give the username to which the access right is granted. click on OK.

    4. Put the tick in the section Basic permissions the "Full access" opposite and click on OK.

      Your account will now appear in the “Basic Permissions” list and you will have access to the folder System volume information.

Files and folders that are kept here cannot be removed manually because they are protected by the system. If you want to delete the System Volume Information directory, use the standard procedures that allow Windows to remove the restore points.

The restore point will not be created. What should I do?

Check the health of the Windows service "Volume shadow copy". To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Switch to Task bar / administration / services.
  • Find the service "Volume Shadow Copy".
  • Start or trigger the service, if necessary set up the switching operation "Automatically" a.

The operating system restore points cannot be created on the computer that has two operating systems installed or the operating system is damaged by the malicious software or viruses.

How to restore Windows 10 operating system from the restore point using a command line?

If problems arise with starting the Windows 10 operating system while it is working properly, you can check its functionality by starting the restore point from the Command line restore.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Shut down Windows in "Safe Mode with Command Line Support" up: while the operating system is loading, press F8 and select the appropriate point from the Menus for selecting the additional Windows loading variants.

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  2. At the command line, type rstrui.exeafter which the window system recovery is opened.
  3. Select the required restore point and click Further.

  4. Follow the instructions in the recovery wizard and complete the recovery process.

How can I restore the deleted restore points?

Windows 10 restore points are kept by the operating system on the computer's hard drive. A specific part of the hard disk is made available for this purpose, while the hard disk is filled, the older recovery points are deleted and new recovery points are saved instead.

The restore points can also be removed manually - this has been described in detail above.

Windows recovery often results in the loss of important files. Restoring Windows using the restore point, rolling back to an earlier version of the operating system, restoring the computer to its original position, errors in the function of the backup program, damage or restoration of system files, errors in the file system or the presence of the hit sectors on the disc - this is nowhere near the complete list of the causes of the deletion of the files.

Windows Recovery Console will undo the performance of the operating system, but may result in loss of personal files. It is not always possible to restore Windows performance without simply installing the operating system, which can also result in the loss of files.

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