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Conclusion of this year's 'Golden Globe' gala -
From Claus Philipp

Los Angeles - prizes, prizes, prizes: What should film fans think of more awards being given every year? How is he supposed to remember who was "best comedian" for the Philadelphia Critics' Association last year? And - one could ask - don't the so-called "foreign" critics in Hollywood also celebrate themselves when they award the Golden Globes? The question then immediately arises as to how qualified these journalists, who often mainly deliver Adabei reports, are really in cinematic issues. No matter. No matter? In any case, on the night from Sunday to Monday the Globes were awarded once again, and if the judgments made were described by some observers as "discouraged", then that is simply formulated euphemistically. The awards given are - apart from the one for the life's work to Al Pacino - simply a scandal, or they eloquently tell of a weak year that left the jurors with hardly any alternatives in certain categories. For example, the best drama of the year was gladiator - a, as we have long known in this country, quite effective piece of sandal cinema, but quite sultry across essential passages: We only recall the digital visions of the afterlife that Russell Crowe sometimes had as an eternal fighter and father of a family. On the other hand, Crowe was not named the best "dramatic" leading actor (which he deserved), but once more Tom Hanks (as a modern Robinson in Cast Away ). The jury's reasoning was probably: "Seldom has a bearded star been seen chatting more intimately with a volleyball under more extreme conditions." If there is also Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich (in a year of extremely poor roles for actresses), the Globes had the two most expensive film stars of all time on the podium: What more could you want? Well, for example more deserved awards. Director Steven Soderbergh, for example, who joined within a year Erin Brockovich and the drug thriller traffic had presented two great deeds actually came away empty-handed. On the other hand, while Ang Lee (Sense and Sensibility ) for the "best foreign language film" Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was also named "best director", was almost disappointing again when you think of the "best drama" gladiator thinks: After all, Lee's swordsman fairy tale was recently recognized by the American Film Institute as one of the most important impulses for expanding the spectrum of the US film landscape. But because it is traditionally said that the Golden Globes are essential omens for the Oscar gala in March, all industry experts are still at a loss: How will the largely not particularly risk-taking members of the US Film Academy decide if that few interesting productions of this year cannot be mastered with the conventional mainstream quality criteria?traffic For example, Soderbergh filmed himself almost single-handedly, like a Danish dogma film, despite leading actors like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. And Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon unfolds its dreamlike elegance only in the original Chinese version. Not even mentioned as favorites are more brittle comedies like Curtis Hansons Wonder Boys - for Bob Dylan at least a Globe for the best "original song" Things have changed received. And so we will almost certainly be able to look forward to it if we forego sleep for Oscar again on the night of March 26th: Dylan playing Tom Hanks on the wall in a bad mood, even if - we are now predicting that too once before - the third Oscar for the actor is far too good not to come true in Hollywood. (DER STANDARD, print edition, January 23, 2001)

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