What does the CEO mean

CEO, CCO, COO: That's behind English job titles!

14 Aug 2014

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Not everything that sounds grandiose is actually a high position

Chief Officers, Technicians, Engineers: English job titles are in vogue, especially listed start-ups advertise for employees with fantastic-sounding job titles - always with the obligatory "C" for chief in abbreviation. But watch out: not everything that sounds grandiose is actually a high position. Ten tops, ten flops.

Top 10 job titles

  • Chief Business Development Officer, or CBDO for short
    The CBDO is responsible for strategic business development. It sets the priorities for investments in the various business areas. A really responsible job!
  • Chief Content Officer, or CCO for short
    The Chief Content Officer is responsible for the content of various marketing measures, for example the content of the company website. Experience in journalism and public relations is essential, and CCOs often have an MBA.
  • Chief Executive Officer, or CEO for short
    In the case of corporations, the CEO is the chairman of the board, and in the case of smaller companies, the head of the company.
  • Chief Financial Officer, or CFO for short
    The CFO is the chief financial officer of a stock corporation, like a commercial director, who is responsible for nothing less than the administration of the funds and the financial planning of the company.
  • Chief Human Resources Officer, or CHRO for short
    The CHRO is the HR manager of a company or the HR director of a listed group.
  • Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO for short
    As Marketing Director, the CMO is responsible for price and product policy, a job that requires a lot of communication skills and a feeling for the wishes of customers.
  • Chairman of the Board, COB for short
    The CoB is the chairman of the board of directors, he calls its meetings and chairs them.
  • Chief Operating Officer, or COO for short
    The director of operations is responsible for the company's operations and day-to-day decisions. In order to approach optimal structures in the long term, you need a clear view of the future.
  • Chief Technology Officer, or CTO for short
    The CTO operates at the interface between corporate management and the technical department. He overlooks the state of research and develops technical visions for the company.
  • Chief Knowledge Officer, or CKO for short
    This chief heads the knowledge management department and ensures the future success of his company through a knowledge advantage.

Flop 10 the job title

  • Vision Clearance Engineer
    This is by no means about company visions, but simply about a clear view through the window. What is meant is the window cleaner, which we call glass cleaner at best.
  • Head of Verbal Communications
    If you go to "Pimp my Jobname" as a secretary, this is the job title that comes out of it.
  • Non Profit Manager
    This "manager" is a volunteer, someone who does not receive a cent for his valuable services.
  • Revenue Protection Officer
    You can meet this officer on public transport, where he greets you with his standard saying "Tickets please!" to recognize there. It's the ticket inspector.
  • Facility manager
    The manager who keeps buildings in good condition is also called the caretaker. (Okay: There could be more to it. Anyone who would like to communicate this to us in eloquent words should write to: [email protected])
  • Education Center Nourishment Production Assistant
    This assistant by no means works for the board of directors, but as a canteen employee at most takes care of lunch.
  • Environment Improvement Technician
    One can hardly invent a more grandiose term for an employee of the cleaning staff.
  • Media Distribution Officer
    His job is quite meaningful, because without him you would have to go to the kiosk every morning: the normally poorly paid newspaper deliverer.
  • Stock Replenishment Adviser
    A shelf filler, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Technical Horticultural Maintenance Officer
    This officer is also a specialist in green plants: he means the gardener.