How can I improve my meeting efficiency


Do you prepare your meetings well, stick to the 5 steps to successful meetings presented in the last post and still it happens that you come out of a meeting without a clear distribution of tasks and comprehensible results?

With good preparation, the "battle is only half won", so here are some other techniques that you can use immediately to further increase your meeting efficiency.

Communication before the meeting
Define a clear goal for the meeting and communicate this to all participants in advance so that they can prepare more specifically. The goal is then more present during the meeting and the communication more focused. This saves you a lot of conflicts of interest and prevents participants from bringing their personal agenda with them to the meeting.

Short overview
Some participants spend a lot of time in meetings and basically walk from one to the other. Or maybe they were deep in their minds on another topic or project a few minutes before the meeting. In such cases, it often takes them a few minutes to sort through their thoughts and settle into the topic of the meeting. So give them the opportunity to do so by always briefly introducing the agenda at the beginning and also referring to the respective time frame and goal. This gives the participants a better feeling for how much time they have for which topics.

Take leadership and be confident
Of course, you want to create a pleasant atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable enough to express their opinions freely. But you really don't have to let every conversation run for a long time. If participants stray too far from the agenda, point it out to them. It is important that you collect all the ideas - even if they may not fit directly into this meeting - and then return to the main topic.

If you come across a new and important topic, consider briefly with the participants whether you would like to continue with this discussion and which other topic you can and would like to move from the agenda to the next meeting.

ConSense Minutes tip: Use the practical idea memory for all ideas that you collect during a meeting. This way you can ensure that no idea is lost and that you keep focusing on the main topic.

End the meeting the right way
Start and end the meeting on time. This helps create a positive mood and shows participants that you respect their time. At the same time, they learn that they have to use the allotted time well to discuss all the topics on the agenda.
Take five minutes before the end to review all the important points: what were the most important decisions and what happens next?

Make sure that all tasks are clear, timed, assigned to someone and that you have properly documented this. Keeping a clear line makes every subsequent meeting easier.

Think of it as something positive when you have a lot of meetings. In this way you can continue to improve your meeting skills and your meetings will become even more efficient.

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Status: 03.06.2019