Mercy Overwatch, How to Play a Video Game


Game evaluation


Overwatch convinces with varied characters and an appealing look. Thanks to a simple tutorial, the name for an introductory program that explains the most important game options as well as the control and handling of a computer game. In contrast to the use of a manual, the procedure is practiced in a playful way - according to the principle of "learning by doing" - and a positive mood with a motivating reward system, the game is also aimed at players who have had little contact with shooters.
Overwatch is the name of the new online multiplayer game in which you play with or against others. The counterpart to this is the single player or "single player", in which only one person can participate. The extreme form of multiplayer is the MMORPG, in which thousands take part at the same time. Shooter from Blizzard, which focuses on team matches with up to five friends against other game ends or computer-controlled characters. A solo campaign In computer games, a campaign is a sequence of events that develops the storyline of a game and is often divided into several sections. Campaigns are usually straightforward and consist of quests or levels lined up one behind the other. There are no.

The players each take on the role of one of the 21 available heroes of different degrees of difficulty from the categories offensive, defensive, tank and support. Depending on the character, different abilities and skills are available. For example, while Tracer scores with agility and moves across the field at lightning speed, Reinhardt can use his barrier to intercept enemy attacks. Mercy, in turn, supports her teammates in battle by healing them, reviving them or increasing their attack power. Only a balanced team that knows its own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of the opponent has a chance of winning.

In Overwatch, you have 21 heroes at your disposal, including gunslinger McCree, a highly aggressive character.

Each character has different skills. Heroine Mercy, for example, supports her teammates with healing, among other things.

The game is played on one of 12 cards, all of which are based on real locations. For example, you play against the backdrop of Hollywood or find yourself in Greece. The game modes are classic: sometimes you have to conquer control points, sometimes you have to escort vehicles or defend a so-called "choke point". A game goes over several rounds. The team that won two rounds first also wins the overall game. The playing time is usually a few minutes.

Experience points are awarded at the end of a game. With these, the players can level up and loot items that are captured in digital games. Usually the loot is left behind by defeated opponents. Loot systems offer players quick and recurring success experiences. Unlock boxes. Each loot box contains four randomly selected items, including, for example, skins that change the appearance of the characters, new winning poses or new player logos. The objects are of a purely cosmetic nature, they do not provide any playful advantages.

The maps that are played on are detailed and resemble real locations.

If you don't have the patience and time to unlock loot boxes, you can buy them for real money. Overwatch is purely online multiplayer. A permanent internet connection is therefore a prerequisite.

Editor's note: This test is for the PC version. Apart from the purchase price, there were no additional costs. A stationary video game console from the Japanese electronics company Sony, which was launched in 1994. Successors to the PlayStation are the PlayStation 2 (since 2000), the PlayStation 3 (since 2007) and the PlayStation 4 (2013). 4 and Xbox A stationary console that has been available since 2002. Xbox LIVE is a trademark of its own online network, Xbox LIVE, through which players around the world can play together. The successor console Xbox 360 has been available since 2005 and belongs to the same console generation as the PlayStation 3 and the Wii. Another successor model followed at the end of 2013, the Xbox One. It competes with the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U. One, however, requires a paid subscription to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live.