Why is Kylie Cosmetics so popular

Kylie Jenner's care products are coming to Germany!

The German cosmetics provider Douglas has quite a coup landed! From Spring 2020 become Kylie Skin Items, Kylie Jenner's skin care line, in Germany sold. That reported Douglas self, CEO Tina Müller is delighted with the successful coup: "I am proud and very happy to have this extraordinary and exclusive partnership finally to be able to announce. We'll be with one of the most popular and influential beauty companies working together! For Douglas is that a real one milestone and an important step to offer our customers an even more unique and innovative range. Kylie has proven several times that she has the Zeitgeist of their US customers, and we expect in Europe same enthusiasm for hers Products to kindle. "


Kylie Cosmetics, so the name of the Beauty company, has been 2015 founded and one of the fastest growing and on social media channels most successful beauty brands in the USA. Through the Cosmetic goods has been Kylie to youngest self-made billionaire in history. Kylie Jenner is just once in August 22 years grown old.


Also Kylie himself commented on working with Douglas: “I am very happy that IKylie Skin about the partnership with the Douglas Group first time after Europe can bring. Many of my fans would like the introduction of the Products in Europe for a long time. Now you can Products Test it yourself, experience it and buy it on site for the first time ”.


Total will be six products to Europe come under Facial foam, a Walnut peeling, Moisturizer, Eye care as well as a Facial toner. The special thing about Jenner's products: They contain them allno parabens, are complete vegan, animal testing, gluten- and sulfate free