What was your greatest near death experience

Near death experience: "And I wasn't crazy!"

MÖLLENBECK. How does the hospice association manage to win over and over again such interesting people for its lectures ?! Hit or miss? Or is it perhaps because people who deal with the most basic of all questions, the nature of life and death, become such impressive personalities per se?

Be it what it wants. In Möllenbeck Monastery there was once again the opportunity to get to know one of these special lecturers personally. Guest: Sabine Mehne, author, physiotherapist and family therapist and last but not least, near-death experience and co-founder of the network association near-death experience, Darmstadt.

She had her new book with the stunning title “The Great Departure” in her luggage, from which a little was read aloud. Mehne, however, designed most of her lecture, and that was a good thing, as a freely spoken life and experience report.

Like many people who reported their near-death experience, Sabine Mehne saw a light, symbolized here by the sun, that she has not forgotten to this day. photo: la

It has been 22 years since the mother of three children suffered from acute, serious cancer and only narrowly escaped death. "I was already very weak back then, weighed only 42 kilograms and was in severe pain," the petite woman begins to report after a short period of collecting.

The near-death experience occurred during an ultrasound scan. "Suddenly I slid out of my body through the fontanel, as easily as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and saw myself lying up there on the examination table," she continues. And then she was given the view into a dimension that changed herself and her life from the ground up. She describes her experience of encountering a light in an impressive and touching way, the quality of which cannot actually be put into words. “It is pure, full of love, full of wonderful freedom,” but then she tries. On the earthly plane, she found that gold could best symbolize it.

Next she saw her life film run. “This review has a special depth. All events and encounters that arise are shown with the associated emotions and the atmospheres surrounding them. You even get insights into the biographies of other participants, which lead to a better understanding of what has been experienced. ”But above all, the situations would be placed in a larger context, which would also make not so nice experiences seem meaningful, so that one also accepts them can make peace with them, so the author. That has a deep feeling of “Now I understand everything. Now everything has a meaning ”triggered in her.

Mehne probably experienced the “return journey” into her body as not very pleasant and voluntary. “As suddenly as I slipped out, I was stuffed back in again,” she describes this moment. But for the practical and down-to-earth woman, her personal journey should only begin with this decisive experience.

“At that time, unlike today, there was hardly any information about near-death experiences,” she continues. For four years she hadn't spoken to anyone about her impressions. She had doubted her sanity and sanity because instead of being glad and happy that she was cured and alive, she constantly felt such a deep sadness and longing for something she couldn't name.

"Again and again I found myself" pulling away "from everyday life, so to speak, into my own" bubble "." A report on ZDF presented the redemption. “There was a man talking about his near-death experience. Each of his words could have been my own! My relief was limitless. I wasn't the only one who had seen something like this. And I wasn't crazy! "

Today Mehne is active, and that seems to be logical, especially in matters of research into and clarification of this type of experience. The second important life task has emerged as the use of your ability in the area of ​​sensitivity and intuition.

“It's like the door was left ajar. And through this gap I still have access to supra-personal knowledge, ”explains Mehne.

Comforting: Should, and that would not be surprising after this impressive lecture, one or the other of those present almost begin to wish that they had also experienced a near-death event, Mehner can reassure him. More courage to live and less fear of death can be developed even without a near-death experience.

She is certain that even mental preoccupation with this topic stimulates inner transformation.

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