Why doesn't he contact me 1

He no longer answers? - Then follow these 3 steps!


It has now been 2 days.

Usually we wrote to each other every day.

And now he no longer answers.

Did i do anything wrong? Did I piss him off somehow?

Or does he just have a lot on his mind?

Oh man ... Why doesn't he answer anymore ...?

Do I still love him at all?

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

You met someone, the dates have been great so far and everything seemed to be going perfectly.

And then it happens all of a sudden: He no longer answers and you feel lonely

In this article you will find out today why a man would distance himself from you and what you can do to make him look after you again.

He no longer answers?

There are numerous clues when a man moves away from you:

  • Messages are only answered after long pauses - especially the important ones.
  • He hardly has any time for you at the moment.
  • He suddenly cancels long-term meetings.
  • You talk about future things less often.
  • If you ask him if everything is okay, he will confirm it - you feel but it: he withdraws.

Why doesn't he answer?

It often happens that a man withdraws after great shared experiences. These Withdrawal phase but is completely normal!

Nevertheless, it is also the most delicate phase and harbors the greatest potential for errors.

For this reason you should first understand how so he no longer answers.

There are exactly 3 reasons for this:

1. He needs time to think about it.

In this case, he wants time to himself to get organized - to make a decision.

Here he would like to review all your experiences in peace and quiet and find out whether he can imagine a long-term relationship with you.

What speaks against it, what speaks for it.

Men often think rationally and are less guided by emotions - as women usually do ;-)

If your meeting went really well, you don't need to worry about it, just trust that he will make the right decision.

If he does decide against you, you mustn't let that get you down!

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When one door closes, another opens.

2. He's got weak knees.

Many men just get cold feet at such moments and then pull the rip cord. You are just not ready to take the next step.

Often it is the fear of a strong bond that makes the man shy away. The fear may, for example, have been caused by a previous very painful separation.

If so, it would reassure him that you won't run away at every minor dispute.

Show him that you are there, even when things get difficult and he can rely on you.

3. He does not want to give up his sexual freedom.

The pure desire to live out one's own sexuality is often a reason why a man does not want to commit himself.

Unfortunately, it often happens that the man was aware of this from the start and only pretended that he was interested in a committed relationship and only wanted sex.

When he achieves his goal of sleeping with you (sometimes for a while), he moves on.

It is often difficult to see which men have sincere intentions and which are almost an Oscar-worthy performance ...

Worst thing you could do

If he doesn't get back to you, never pressure him or confront him with allegations.

If you now continue to seek his closeness, you are only showing him your emotional dependence.

So just the opposite happens: He will only pull further back from you!

If you see signs of withdrawal, the first thing to do is be patient. Act like always and give him the time he needs.

It is important that you now demonstrate independence and self-confidence. Just use the time to see friends again and also use the time for yourself personally.

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What to do if he doesn't answer?

If you want him to look after you again, and everything goes back in the direction that was previously headed, follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: The time out

Give him the time he needs.

Let at least 1-2 weeks pass after your last contact and never get in touch!

No matter how great the desire is to write him just a short goodnight message - leave it!

In order for him to take care of you again, he must be aware that you can live without him and that your world does not suddenly stop spinning just because he has less time for you.

Keep living your life and doing what makes you happy.

Step 2: the first contact

If 1-2 weeks have passed and he has still not contacted you by then, it is now your turn to take the first step and write him a short message.

Such a message could look like this:

"Hey XY :-)

The last few weeks had a lot on my mind and wanted to get in touch again. Everything's OK with you?

If you feel like it, we can do something together again, maybe on the weekend? :-) ยป

The only goal now is only:

He should get a slight inkling that his retreat didn't really affect you, maybe you didn't even notice him ;-)

Step 3: The new meeting

This is arguably the most important step.

There are now exactly 2 possibilities how his reaction can turn out and, above all, how you should deal with it right now:

Variant 1: He reacts very openly.

The time-out was good for him if his answer was friendly and open.

In this scenario, he confirms a meeting and there is a reunion.

But then by all means go slowly and give yourself some time to get warm again. A compliment here and there will surely help.

That means: no kissing greetings and no holding hands in the first few minutes. Unless it comes from him ;-)

You should be relaxed about the topics of conversation and not put any pressure on him.

Variant 2: He still reacts cautiously or not at all.

It is still not the end of the world if he still answers briefly and succinctly and always has no time, or perhaps not at all, giving the impression that he has distanced himself.

In this case, it is important to leave him and you completely alone for a longer period of time (at least 2 to 3 weeks) absolutely no way to report to him.

If he should give a sign during this period of time and might even want to see you again, then you can go ahead and respond if you want to see him again at all ;-)

If this period has passed, you can send him a message again as shown above.

If he ignores this again or reacts cautiously, you don't need to be annoyed any further. After all, so many exciting things have happened in your life in the past 3 to 5 weeks that it is now yesterday's news ;-)


When a man distances himself from you, he usually has his reasons for it and needs time to himself.

If you press him further in this phase and continue to seek his proximity, he will only withdraw further!

Therefore, you should give him the time he needs for himself.

If you follow the steps above, he'll try again for you.

If not, there is absolutely no need to keep chasing him. So a very good test ;-)

Most of the time, however, it helps to take a step back and create space again so that you can get closer again.

And then it goes on with you ;-)

My question to you:

He no longer answers? How would you react?

Let's finally put an end to the search for Mr. Right!

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