Shakespeare had a mistress

London in the late 16th century. A captivating love drama takes place in secret at the court of Elizabeth I. A fascinating relationship full of passion, jealousy and fear of withdrawal, an almost unbelievable story, had it not been written by life itself. Your protagonist: none other than William Shakespeare, the greatest literary genius in world history. Hopelessly he succumbs to the seductive charms of a beautiful young woman, his dark lady, whom he sings about and reviles at the same time. When the boyfriend gets caught up in this femme fatale, a fateful love triangle begins ...
Who was the poet's mysterious lover and what did she look like? What became of the child that grew out of that liaison? The thrilling drama Shakespeare's Lover. The real story is based on the book "The Secret of Shakespeare's Dark Lady. Documentation of an Revelation", in which it is possible for the first time to reveal the identity of the Dark Lady. Critics, literary and cultural scholars expressed their enthusiasm.

Hammerschmidt-Hummel, Hildegard
Hildegard Hammerschmidt-Hummel taught English literature and cultural studies at the Universities of Marburg and Mainz. For three years she headed the cultural department at the German Consulate General in Toronto and was then senior research assistant and editor of the DFG and Mainz academy project "The Shakespeare Illustration" for many years. The author performed, inter alia. numerous work- and author-centered contributions to Shakespeare research.